“how it was. Space and History” exhibition by INNOCAD

Inviting visitors to participate and perceive history in an unexpected and unpretentious way

Project Specs


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“how it was.空间与历史”,是奥地利施蒂利亚州展览四部曲之一,在格拉茨历史博物馆的首层空间展示了当地的文化遗产。

The temporary exhibit, “how it was. Space and History,” is one piece of a four-part provincial exhibition in the Austrian state of Styria which showcases the region´s cultural heritage on the first floor of the History Museum in Graz.

▼展览一瞥,Preview © Paul Ott


The journey through time and space begins with immersive sounds and visuals, animated morphing boundaries accompanied by changing linguistics and dialects.

▼经过动画处理的墙面贯穿整个展览,Animated morphing boundaries run through the exhibition © Paul Ott

▼墙面和地面细节,Floor and wall surfaces © Paul Ott


▼平面图,Plan © INNOCAD

The “black box” circuit, an existing series of hermetically sealed wooden room cells from the 90s ingrained in the historic premises, provides the framework for this exhibition. To invite visitors to participate and perceive history in an unexpected and unpretentious way, four diverse sensory experiences were introduced into the space: shell, structure, floor, and sound. The further one progresses in the 10-room loop, the denser and more complex, scaled, accelerated the experience becomes.

▼由木制房间构成的游览路径,A circuit consists of an existing series of wooden room cells © Paul Ott

▼“黑盒子”展览空间,The “black boxes” © Paul Ott

▼展陈细节,Exhibition detailed view © Paul Ott


Visitors stride across the floor projected with town and city structures and typology, a network of roads and paths – becoming part of it, immersed in it. Large exhibits, such as a Roman tombstone, pillory, delicate organ fragment, and military tent, line the wayside as flotsam and witnesses of the past.

▼地面上投射着不同城市的结构和建筑类型 © Paul Ott
The floor is projected with town and city structures and typology

▼框景,The framed view © Paul Ott

▼尺寸较大的展品作为历史的见证者出现在路径的两侧 © Paul Ott
Large exhibits line the wayside as flotsam and witnesses of the past

展览中还包含了声音装置,由13&9 Design与Severin Su共同设计和制作,构成了多维度游览体验中的关键一环。双重的感官体验是基于一个抽象的声音层和一个叙事性的声音层而实现。


The sound installation, created and produced by 13&9 Design in collaboration with Severin Su, is a key element of the scenography contributing to the multidimensional visitor experience. The two-tier composition is based on an abstract and a narrative sound layer.

The abstract layer emphasizes the spatial and conceptual design themes – densification and complexity, and scaling and acceleration – through three elements: drumbeats, noise, and heartbeats. The narrative layer accompanies the space with sound effects that mirror the atmosphere of each period while also referring to specific exhibits.

▼游览视频:声音装置由13&9 Design与Severin Su共同设计和制作 © TheRenderers
Exhibition tour: The sound installation is created and produced by 13&9 Design in collaboration with Severin Su


▼通向最后一个房间的走廊 © Paul Ott
The transitional space leading to the final room

Reflecting on our past as it relates to its impact on our present and future, the final room, entered through a narrow and long transitional space, concludes the exhibition and poses the questions: What is forthcoming? What remains? The thought-provoking installation constructed from re-arranged and layered landscape cutouts of preceding rooms, leaves visitors in a new and natural environment.

▼展览终点的房间,The final room of the exhibition © Paul Ott


To meet the standards of a contemporary and mindful contribution, the pieces were produced locally in the museum’s workshop, made from renewable, recyclable, and partially re-used materials.

▼导览细节,Wayfinding © Paul Ott

▼设施细节,Details © Paul Ott

Interior Design
Lighting Design

in collaboration with Eva Stern (wall art), GOL Lichtdesign (lighting design), Severin Su / 13&9 Design (sound design) and Lambda Labs (speaker system)

Client: Universalmuseum Joanneum
Location: Graz, AUSTRIA
Floor Space: 500 m²
Number of Floors: 1
Construction Start: 02 / 2021
Completion: 04 / 2021
Project Team: Jörg Kindermann,
Martin Lesjak, Anastasija Lesjak, Lisa Nett
Photographer: Paul Ott

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