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The project consists on the transformation of an ancient metal workshop in the ground floor and basement of a housing building in Paris into living units. The main goal was to find the right typologies to transform the lower parts of the building into pleasant housing and to densify a building by the bottom and not, like it is often the case, by the upper part.

▼项目概览,overview of the project © Luis Díaz Díaz


To get this, the core of this area has been emptied to generate a void, a patio, which increases the possibility of openings, promotes social relations among their users and the presence of greenery. Three living units, from which one includes an architectural office, are designed to take advantage of their specific position inside the building.

▼留白的区域中心,the central void © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼庭院视角,view from the courtyard © Luis Díaz Díaz


The first apartment takes profit of the lower level of the courtyard and its main living spaces are organized in U shape around it. Through high and large openings, the inhabitants benefit of luminosity and crossed views between each part of the apartment. The architectural office, with an independent entrance, is placed in the upper level, connected by an open staircase which is, at the same time, leading to a rooftop terrace.

▼从屋顶露台看中庭,view of the patio from the roof terrace © Luis Díaz Díaz


The second apartment is located between the street and the courtyard. Its design ensures the transparency between those two façades.

▼屋顶退台,the roof terraces © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼退台细部,details of the terraces © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼屋顶露台,the roof terrace © Luis Díaz Díaz

第三套公寓由不同朝向的 L 形平面单元组成,形成了不同高度的两个退台,为绿化花园预留了空间。露台的开口、视野与比例都经过精心考虑,旨在尽可能多地引入阳光,营造最亲密的尺度。

The third one is a multi-oriented, L shape plan unit, developed in several levels with two terraces taking benefit of long views towards inner block vegetation. All the openings, views and sections of the terraces are made to ensure maximum light and intimacy to each inhabitant.

▼从庭院看室内,view of the living space from the courtyard © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼起居空间,the living space © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼庭院旁的开放用餐区,open dining space by the courtyard © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼餐厨家具,furnitures of the dining and kitchen space © Luis Díaz Díaz


The construction work has been developed in the very constraining site of the existing building. A puzzle has been generated to adapt the existing levels of the common staircase and the existing concrete structure with the constructive elements for the new apartments, improving the environmental impact of the project. New and existing structure cohabitates.

▼楼梯通向高层,the stairs leading to the upper floor © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼上层起居空间,living spaces on the upper floor © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼餐厨区,open kitchen and dining space © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼高层工作室,architectural office with an independent entrance © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼通高空间引入充足光线,full height space introducing natural light © Luis Díaz Díaz


The materials of the project are presented in their raw aspects: oak, corten steel, birch plywood, concrete and terrazzo are used on walls and floors.

▼卧室区,sleeping area © Luis Díaz Díaz


In some cases, those surfaces have continuity between interior and exterior spaces to erase their limits and to promote exterior livability linked with the presence of vegetation.

▼细部,details © Luis Díaz Díaz

▼地下平面,underground plan © YUA studio d’architecture

▼首层平面,ground floor plan © YUA studio d’architecture

▼剖面A,section A © YUA studio d’architecture

▼剖面B,section B © YUA studio d’architecture

team: YUA studio d’architecture
site: Paris (fr) 75018
client: private
dates: 2018-21
surface: 280m2
cost: 700.000€

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