House with a curved wall by Fala Atelier

House with deconstructed composition

Project Specs


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The derelict construction was found on an unremarkable neighbourhood, hiding a deep and generous garden; the proud pitched roof distinguished the otherwise trivial architecture. 



After reseting the construction to a bare structural existence, the inner space was solved with the precise placement of a gently curved wall as a separation between the public and private programs. The intersection of the existing walls, the sloped roof and the new wall resulted in a complex geometrical form. Through the new wide window, a clear tension towards the picturesque garden was created. 

▼通过新的大窗户,室内的人可以清晰地看到花园如画般的美景,through the new wide window, a clear tension towards the picturesque garden was created


The main space, loosely populated by furniture, showcases four blue doors (leading to the small lobby, bedroom, bathroom or attic), a circular opening, various plants and an elegant metal pole that symbolically marks the highest point of the otherwise humble construction. A selected number of elements – doors, kitchen and furniture – were painted in strong colours contrasting with the general abstract whiteness of the room.

▼四扇蓝色的门(分别通往小会客厅、卧室、浴室还有阁楼),four blue doors (leading to the small lobby, bedroom, bathroom or attic)

▼标志着这栋建筑最高点的优雅金属杆,an elegant metal pole that symbolically marks the highest point of the otherwise humble construction


The wall facing the street was plastered and the entrance door painted in heavy salmon-pink; the greenish-blue gate, when closed, completes the deconstructed composition. A thin metal surface extends over the white volume as if made of paper: the light metal roof becomes the prominent urban element defining the image of the house, its houseness. While the interiors form a unity characterised by whiteness and precision, the outside expression is that of a loose juxtaposition of constructive elements. Ultimately the house is a rather conventional building, but unusually vivid. 

▼橙红色的入口小门和蓝绿色大门,heavy salmon-pink entrance door and greenish-blue gate


▼结构元素分析图,structural element analysis

Project: House with a curved wall
Location: Porto, Portugal
Design: September – December 2016
Construction: April – November 2017
Status: Private Commission; Built
Project Team: Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares, Ahmed Belkhodja, Julia Andreychenko, Rute Peixoto, Lera Samovich, Elisa Sassi, Paulo Sousa
Landscape Architect: João Magalhães
Client: private
Contractor: Maxrenova Lda
Photography: Ricardo Loureiro

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