House of Weekend update by ALLENKAUFMANN

A night club on the 15th floor of a DDR office building in Berlin

Project Specs


非常感谢 ALLENKAUFMANN 予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciations towards ALLENKAUFMANN for providing the following description:

HOUSE OF WEEKEND是一间夜间俱乐部,位于柏林Alexanderplatz路DDR办公楼的第15层。业主希望对俱乐部的酒吧区域进行局部的更新。

HOUSE OF WEEKEND, a Berlin Night Club institution, on the 15th floor of a DDR office building on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Mitte requested our services for a partial UPDATE to its bar area.

▼酒吧区域概览,bar area overview

▼平和垂直的混凝土模板与闪耀着光泽的黑色台面结合在一起,horizontal and vertical running concrete formwork lines with glittering black top


The Bar and VIP Lounge of the House of Weekend club is located on the right upon entering the club/dance space since 2006 and they wanted this section to have an update. The previous bar was an island of black painted plywood and an oak top, surrounded by upholstered VIP benches. They wanted to create a better functioning bar and offer more space to club guests, while relocating the VIP lounge to a different location.



Using the current attitude in Berlin and of Berliners, to experiment and “do your own Berlin thing”, we took this opportunity to be experimental and to give the House of Weekend Club a new bar and club section specific to its own particular location, history, context and identity on the 15th floor of a building in Alexanderplatz. We raised the bar onto a platform and pushed it back into the space forming an L, with strategic “bumps” to essentially funnel guests to an the inner corner of the L, leaving the ends free for staff use.

▼吧台的设计将客人们集中在“L”字的内角,the bar design essentially funnels guests to the inner corner of the L


The bar imitates and expresses the exposed concrete structure of the space, with horizontal and vertical running concrete formwork lines with glittering black top. A BAR-BACK is designed from a frame of horizontal and vertical orientated steel I-beams. Behind the frame is an experimental ALLENKAUFMANN fabrication process, which yields a unique burned/cracked texture. The unique surfaces and materials are strategically highlighted by a simple track lighting system.

▼背景墙由工字钢梁框架构成,steel I-beam altar

▼具有烧焦感和破裂感的墙壁纹理,a unique burned/cracked texture of the back wall surface

Project size: 60 ㎡
Completion date: 2018
Project team: ALLENKAUFMANN – Designers and Partial fabricators


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