House of Stylobate by y+M design office

A country house without curtains.

Project Specs


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The house is located at the base of Ikoma Mountain near the prefecture’s border between Osaka and Nara. We planed the house for young couple. The area is gradually changed from terraced rice fields to residential zone in accordance with time passing.

▼建筑外观,external view of the building


Although the site is located in a terraced field, the east side is faced to a busy road for commuting and a new ready-built house will be built at the west side. So we designed the shallow curved white outer wall to keep privacy of the client family from 1ine of sight of their neighbors. We put five house volumes on the white outer wall stylobate.

▼建筑位于农田中,东侧为繁忙的马路,西侧即将建造新的住宅,the building is located in a terraced field which east side is faced to a busy road and to its west is a new ready-built house

▼分析图,一层设有波浪状的白色矮墙,保证居住的私密性,diagram, use shallow curved white wall on the first floor to keep the privacy of the living space



Thickness of the outer wall is 9mm. we designed edge of the outer wall curved. So that the wall self-stands and works as a blinder to contribute ensuring privacy of each court and each room.

▼建筑外观,一层边缘为弧形的白色外墙,可以遮挡外界视线,external view of the building with curved white wall on the first floor, working as a blinder


We designed that the outer wall linked inner wall with harmony. As the result each court and each room become one space. It provides space expansion feeling more than actual area and intimate relation between inside and outside of the house by ensuring ventilation and lighting.

▼入口空间及入口边的和室,储藏柜遮挡外界视线, entrance and the Japanese style room with storage cabinet to block the vision from outside

▼外墙与内壁连接,庭院和房间融为一体,the outer wall is connected smoothly with the interior wall that each court and room become one space

▼走廊及储藏空间,开放的空间保证采光和通风,corridor with storage, open space ensures lighting and ventilation

▼带有庭院的浴室,外墙保证私密性,bathroom with courtyard, which privacy is ensured by the outer wall

▼楼梯,一层和二层之间的带形窗加强室内采光,staircase, the ribbon window enhances light environment of the interior


The second floor is composed of five house volumes. Each house volumes are set in different direction to ensuring both good view and privacy. As the result client family can enjoy beautiful sceneries such as blue sky and mountains through the roof on each house volume even in center of the house. Each house volumes have a random gap among them. Client family can feel nature such as terraced field and row of mountains through the gaps.

▼位于二层开放的起居空间,open living space on the second floor

▼透过窗户和开敞的屋顶欣赏不同角度的室外风光,enjoy the outdoor environment though windows and open roofs from different angles

▼不设窗帘,最大程度与自然亲近,there’s no curtains that the nature and residence are mixed together




The point of the house is the structure that the ground floor works stylobate and the second floor is five house volumes. It realize both open-minded and private living environment without curtains. And the design nicely fits the surrounding landscape where terrace fields and residence are mixing. Client family can enjoy their new life with feeling nature such as terrace fields and Ikoma mountain landscape in every season.

▼夜景,night view

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan


▼剖面及分析图,section analysis

Project name: House on Stylobate
Architect or company: y+M design office
Contact e-mail:y+M design office
Design year & Completion Year: 2015
Leader designer & Team: Masahiro Miyake
Project location: Japan
Gross Built Area (square meters): 61.69㎡
Photo credits: Sasanokurasha Yohei Sasakura

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