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This project engages with issues of extended family dwelling, spatial flexibility, and adaptive reuse.

1 Simpson_Fitzroy_-®smg_185514


The Water Factory involves the refurbishment and residential conversion of a late 19th century industrial warehouse building of individual heritage significance. Located in North Fitzroy the building previously contained businesses such as a jam factory, aerated water factory, advertising agency and engineering consultancy.

This was primarily an interior project: the footprint of the two storey building coincides with the site boundaries and the significant heritage constraints limited options for altering the external envelope of the building.

To address the need for multiple possibilities for extended family living, the design is conceived as a collection of houses contained within the broader envelope of the building. The plan is subdivided in two on the ground floor and internally connected to create two side-by-side dwellings which have separate main street entrances for different members of the family.

▽ Ground Floor Plan 住宅位于正规矩形排屋中,一侧车库,另一侧是居住空间。

2 GroundFloorPlan_1

▽ (左)居住空间这侧共有两个入口,一扇大门与一扇小门 (右)通高车库,坡屋顶上的天窗为空间带来充沛自然光

1 Simpson_Fitzroy_-®smg_1209     1 Simpson_Fitzroy_-®smg_185089

▽ 楼梯。内部一道墙将地面层居住空间一分为二,两个空间开了一扇滑动门。其中一个空间用于门厅和交通空间,另外一个空间可作为家庭临时使用空间。

1 Simpson_Fitzroy_-®smg_185126


To draw light and ventilation into what is a poorly oriented and deep footprint, an extensive number of operable skylights were introduced on the north and south-facing roof pitches, and a large void connecting the ground and first floor was strategically positioned to also take advantage of this amenity. Bedroom, bathroom and laundry spaces are divided by a series of operable and sliding panels. What are conventionally regarded as cellular and isolated spaces within a house are imbued with a sense that they are provisional areas that can form part of the open plan or be used for more private purposes.

The ceiling geometry which intersects with the original warehouse roof trusses, varies and undulates along the cross-section of the building. It contains the electrical and mechanical services and in its gable pitches creates an abstract allusion of several houses being contained within the main volume.

▽ First Floor Plan 顶楼。

3 FirstFloorPlan_1

▽ 主要生活空间均安排在顶楼。顶层因为天窗引入大量光线的缘故而十分明亮,开放的厨房与客厅联系在一起。

1 Simpson_Fitzroy_-®smg_185445

▽ 站在餐厅看厨房。厨房外是屋顶花园,在往前便是车库的坡屋顶。

1 Simpson_Fitzroy_-®smg_185770

▽ 厨房

1 Simpson_Fitzroy_-®smg_185718

5 KitchenElevations_1

▽ 站在庭院看向厨房。室外可移动的操作台让户外用餐轻而易举。

1 Simpson_Fitzroy_-®smg_185414     1 Simpson_Fitzroy_-®smg_192349

▽ 站在客厅望向主卧方向。主卧的卫生间也做成了坡屋顶形状,巧妙的利用造型进行采光。

1 Simpson_Fitzroy_-®smg_185615

▽ 主卧。主卧天窗设置巧妙,既能采光,也不会直接照射在床铺上。

1 Simpson_Fitzroy_-®smg_185832     1 Simpson_Fitzroy_-®smg_185853


1 Simpson_Fitzroy_-®smg_186026     1 Simpson_Fitzroy_-®smg_186041

6 BathroomElevations_1

▽ Section 剖面

4 Section-A_1

4 Section-B_1

4 Section-C_1副本

Project Team: Andrew Simpson, Emma Parkinson
Completed: 2014
Builder: Overend Constructions
Photography: Shannon McGrath

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