House in UMEJIMA, Tokyo by I.R.A

semi-outdoor space with greenery decorating the urban sidewalk

Project Specs


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The site is long and narrow corner lot sandwiched between a relatively heavy traffic and a small management passage separated by pedestrians. We propose an architecture that opens to the town through this passage, which is overgrown with greenery and is used as a sidewalk for residents.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view of the house © Nao Takahashi

▼狭长的场地,the site at the long and narrow corner © Nao Takahashi


Since it was necessary to make it at low cost, it was proposed to reduce the soaring fire prevention sash. If you secure a sufficient building volume and set back along the fire spread line, the surplus space on the hypotenuse will remain on the aisle side, and inevitably there will be a roof as a semi-outdoor area, and it will become a garage or a bicycle parking lot.

▼从人行小路看建筑,view of the house from the small passage © Nao Takahashi

▼从马路看建筑,view of the house from the road © Nao Takahashi

▼半室外活动空间,semi-outdoor open space © Nao Takahashi

▼设置自行车停车场,the bicycle parking lot © Nao Takahashi


By making the form of architecture the character “key shape”, we will create various places inside and outside. Windows with different sizes, functions, and arrangements are installed for each place, and light reaches the living room from the skylight.

▼通过大开窗与半室外空间相连,connecting to the semi-outdoor space through large windows © Nao Takahashi

▼客厅,the living room © Nao Takahashi

▼开放式厨房,open kitchen © Nao Takahashi

▼室内丰富的通高空间,rich interior spaces © Nao Takahashi

▼从一层看天窗,view of the skylight from the first floor © Nao Takahashi

▼从二层看楼下的开放空间,view of the open space downstairs from the second floor © Nao Takahashi

▼天窗引入充足的光线,skylight bringing in plenty of daylight © Nao Takahashi

▼二层的书房,study on the second floor © Nao Takahashi


With the shape of the key, windows and surplus space are connected to the passage, and it is hoped that the public and private will be mixed and the architecture will permeate the city.

▼夜幕降临,灯光亮起,the lights in the evening © Nao Takahashi

▼开放的边角空间,open corner space © Nao Takahashi

▼平面图,plans ©I.R.A.

▼剖面图,section ©I.R.A.

Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area: 82.97 sqm
Project location: City:Umejima,Adachiku,Tokyo
Lead Architects: Daisuke Tsunakawa , Akinori Kasegai
Photo credits:   Nao Takahashi
Photographer’s e-mail:
Structual Engineer:Nobuyuki Morinaga

Construction: Tanzawa koumuten Co., Ltd.
Garden design: GREFICA

More: I.R.A. 。 更多关于他们:I.R.A. on gooood

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