House in Ohue by Daisaku Hanamoto Architect & Associates

In harmony with the ridge line of the mountain

Project Specs


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This house is located in the village of old houses along the slope is built irregularly. Beautiful mountain ridge lines and sky can be seen from this site. The theme is how to connect with those surrounding environments. The roof divided into three harmonizes it by matching it with the roof gradient of the surroundings. Also,this shape is harmony with the ridge line of the mountain. The client can live under this roof feeling the connection with the surrounding environment.

▼住宅外观,external view of the house

▼屋顶分为三个梯度,the roof is divided into three


▼室内空间,internal views

▼窗外景致,the framed landscape

▼走道与楼梯,corridor and staircase

▼首层平面图, ground floor plan

▼地下一层平面图,first basement floor

▼顶层平面图,ground floor (upper level plan)

Use / house
Site / Hiroshima, Japan
Site area / 426.13m2
Building area / 114.57m2
Total floor area/ 126.14m2
Building scale / two story
Structure system / wood frame
Complete / 2017
Photo credit / KENJI Masunaga
Chinese text: gooood editor C.Wu

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