House in Meco by atelier RUA

Discovering different levels of intimacy through the diagonal progression

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▼鸟瞰图,aerial view ©Francisco Nogueira

The triangular shaped plot has a total area of 13850 m2 and is oriented South/North. The path to the plot runs alongside a white wall, showing the way to the entrance. Entering the plot, the building reveals itself. A perfect square with four similar facades. Facing south, a clearance in the garden holds the 15x5m swimming pool.

▼平面图,plan ©atelier RUA


The building is one storey high. Shaded exterior terraces cut-out its quadri angular footprint. It is a volume composed of a large roof supported in its four corners by the volumes that correspond to the private spaces of the program. The common areas of the house are therefore open to the landscape.

▼户外露台定义出建筑的边界,shaded exterior terraces cut-out its quadri angular footprint ©Francisco Nogueira

▼露台,terrace ©Francisco Nogueira


The building has a centralized plan, being the living room the space from where all other spaces derive. The entrance on the north façade articulates directly with this space, which subsequently opens to the exterior through large windows facing East, South and West.

▼从入口望向客厅,view to the living room from the entrance ©Francisco Nogueira

▼客厅概览,living room overall view ©Francisco Nogueira

▼客厅通过开阔窗户向外部环境敞开,the living room opens to the exterior through large windows facing East, South and West ©Francisco Nogueira

▼从客厅望向入口,view to the entrance from the living area ©Francisco Nogueira


Towards North, the technical areas of the house: a wash closet, a cloakroom, a pantry and utility room. The kitchen is part of the living area and has a cooking area and a large preparation island.

▼从客厅望向厨房,view to the kitchen from the living room ©Francisco Nogueira

▼从客厅望向露台,view to the terrace from the living room ©Francisco Nogueira


The bedroom clusters are located at the four corners of the 21m square footprint of the house. In open space, each of these clusters holds the entrance/dressing area, a toilet and the bedroom itself. Between them, towards East, South and West, three terraces emerge as a transition between the garden and the large central living space.

▼卧室之一,one of the bedrooms ©Francisco Nogueira

▼角落处的卧室露台,the terrace at the corner of the bedroom volume ©Francisco Nogueira

▼浴室,shower ©Francisco Nogueira


The diagonal progression through the house allows the discovery of different levels of intimacy. From the outside, one can wonder through the semi-private terrace into the bedroom. From here, space contracts in the bedroom vestibule that mediates the transition to the large living room space, that opens to the landscape. From here, the sequence inverts until one reaches the opposite corner of the house.

▼对角线空间序列,the diagonal progression ©Francisco Nogueira

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©Francisco Nogueira

▼立面图,elevations ©atelier RUA

▼剖面图,sections ©atelier RUA

PROJECT: atelier RUA
YEAR: 2018
LOCATION: Meco, Portugal
CLIENT: Privado
CONSTRUCTION: Vassalo & Sousa, Lda.
BUILT AREA: 300,00 m2
Francisco Freitas, Luís Valente, Paulo Borralho, Rui Didier
Ana Tomé, Cristiano Rodrigues, Dora Jerbic.
Structural Engineering: Pedro Viegas
Electricity, Communication, Gas Supply: LMS – Gestão de Projectos e Engenharia
Water Supply, Sewage, Drainage and HVAC: Ecoperfil – Sistemas Urbanos Sustentáveis
Landscaping: Officina dos Jardins
PHOTOGRAPHY: Francisco Nogueira

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