House in Krkonoše, Czech Republic by Fránek Architects

pure space in the forest

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To design a house in a pristine nature of Krkonoše was an exciting challenge, especially when it was for my long-standing friend and his young family, for a person who loves nature, art and life. Moreover, the design of the house corresponds in size to the existing building, which has been standing in this protected area since ancient times and as the only structure as far as the eye can see. The responsibility towards the circumstances and strict regulation gave an archetypal form. In addition, the investor required a sophisticated approach towards the space, which would be spiritually focused, unusual, and pure.

▼项目远观,view in distance  © Petr Polák

▼房屋与场地,the house and the site © Petr Polák


The house is inserted in a sloping terrain so that the basement has an entrance from the lower floor facing towards the outdoor pool. The main entrance and driveway are on the ground floor in the upper part of the building. The basement is made of reinforced concrete and from the level ± 0,0 it is a timber structure. The truss consists of four frames – glued full bindings, into which the view is completed by three pairs of convexly curved pillows for better use of space, acoustic comfort, and lighting strategy. Whilst the exterior of the building is fully cladded with larch glued laths including the roof, the interior is white and pure, even the floors. It serves as a white canvas for incorporating art in the form of positive thinking.

▼轴测图,the axonometry © Fránek Architects

The investor himself perceives the house this way. The long journey in the forest evokes impatience and enhances the experience from the atmosphere. One of the advantages is the appropriate size of the house and its favourable economical use and maintenance of the place. Over time, a carport equipped with solar panels as well as a vegetable greenhouse will be added to the heat pump.

▼夏与冬,北立面与南立面,summer view and winter view, the north facade and the east facade © Petr Polák

▼西立面,the west facade © Petr Polák


My experience with these formally pure houses is following, they are demanded by strong personalities who have their own idea of their direction, their place in this world and the values their family represents. The exterior of such houses is characteristic with its artistic beauty, the art of aging and immersing itself into greenery. It expresses a kind of harmony with the universe. The understanding of its inhabitants that nothing lasts forever, but also the inimitability and irreplaceability of the present moment.

▼起居室,the living room © Petr Polák

▼旋转楼梯通向上层,the spiral staircase leading to the upper floor © Petr Polák

▼开放厨房,the open kitchen © Petr Polák

▼落地窗提供了良好的视野,the floor-to-ceiling windows framing the view © Petr Polák

▼露台,the terrace © Petr Polák

▼上层走廊,the corridor on the upper floor © Petr Polák

▼坡屋顶下的房间,the room under the sloping roof © Petr Polák


The purity, in the interior of such houses, allows thoughts to flow and makes their personalities and intellect stand out, with whom they fill the space, inhabit, cosset and mark the interior while living.

▼冬日夜景,the night view in winter © Petr Polák

▼总平面,the site plan © Fránek Architects

▼平面图,plans © Fránek Architects

▼立面图,elevation © Fránek Architects

▼剖面图,section © Fránek Architects

Studio: Fránek Architects
Author: Zdeněk Fránek, principal architect
Contact: E-mail
Studio address: Kamenná 835/13, 639 00 Brno, Czech RepublicProject location Krkonoše
Project country: Czech Republic
Project year: 2016
Completion year: 2018
Built-up Area: 225 m2
Gross Floor Area: 464 m2
Usable Floor Area: 376 m2
Plot size: 639 m2
Photographer: Petr Polák,,
Collaborator: Accountable designer: Jiří Topinka

Products and Brands
Windows – Janošík Okna-Dveře
Construction – Stavhost
Furniture – Ikea
Floors – Reno
Larch cladding – Teichman
Stairs – Klavix

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