House in Kosai by Shuhei Goto Architects

A glittering house

Project Specs


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▽ 从北侧看建筑,view from north side

004-house in kosai

▽ (左)西侧立面(右)入口,(left)view from west side,(right) view around entrance

002-house in kosai      003-house in kosai

▽ 起伏的屋面,the uneven roofs

001-house in kosai

▽ (左)入口门厅(右)二楼走廊,(left)view entrance hall,(right) view second floor

008-house in kosai3     009-house in kosai4

▽ 三层客房,view third floor

010-house in kosai

▽ 从一楼的堂屋看二楼的阳台,view inner balcony from main room of first floor

007-house in kosai2     006-house in kosai

This small house was planned a long site from north to south.In order to put a light to the back of the house from various parts, it had a roof and wall to the uneven shape.As a result, it became a characteristic shape, such as the four buildings.Main room of first floor obtained daylighting from south side inner balcony of second floor, and you can admire the flowers and plants which grow on the balcony.Facade which is divided into four,has brought about characteristic proportion and amazing sense of scale.And it has been possible to adjust the heights each part of the house to surrounding building,road and trees and so on.

▽ 夜景,night view

005-house in kosai

▽ 建设中的房屋,photo under construction

011-house in kosai

▽ 平面图,plans

012-house in kosai


▽ 剖面图,section

013-house in kosai

location:Kosai-shi Shizuoka JAPAN
site area:198.00m2
building area:65.95m2
total floor area:117.55m2

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