House in Kamiikebukuro by UmbreArchitects

House for three generations with four cats

Project Specs


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The area around the site is a densely built-up wooden area where roads are being improved and buildings are being made non-combustible and earthquake-resistant as a fire spread barrier zone in order to create a city that is resistant to disaster prevention.

▼项目与周边环境鸟瞰,general view of the project and surrounding environment © TkakeshiYAMAGISHI


The area of ​​the site was halved by the city planning road project, and the depth was shallow and the width was wide. The owner thought about the land where they had lived for three generations and continued the life of his elderly mother. The two-family house was rebuilt. A light garden was set up on the southeast side to ensure ventilation and daylighting from the dense area side, aiming to balance the comfort of living.

▼入口立面夜景,night view of the entrance facade © TkakeshiYAMAGISHI


The L-shaped plan that surrounds the light garden allows parents and children who live together in cross-section and plane to maintain an appropriate distance. The structural plan is a hybrid structural plan that incorporates a wall-type structure and 300mm square pillars. Those Increases the degree of freedom of the opening facing the light garden.

▼入口玄关与混凝土螺旋楼梯,Entrance porch with concrete spiral staircase © TkakeshiYAMAGISHI

▼由后门看玄关,viewing the entrance at the backdoor © TkakeshiYAMAGISHI

▼祖母房与采光花园相连,The grandmother’s room is connected to the light garden © TkakeshiYAMAGISHI


In order to enjoy a communal life with four cats, the child household space overlaps the floor that makes use of the cat’s habits (looking out, hiding, looking down) and the floor of people, and the lives of people and cats intersect with nature.

▼由二层客厅入口看混凝土悬臂楼梯,viewing the concrete cantilevered staircase from the second floor living room entrance © TkakeshiYAMAGISHI

▼由二楼的客厅看向儿童房,viewing the children’s room from the living room on the second floor © TkakeshiYAMAGISHI

▼二层空间总体概览,overall of the second floor © TkakeshiYAMAGISHI

▼客厅与开放式厨房,the living room with open kitchen © TkakeshiYAMAGISHI

▼三层空间,设计结合了猫咪的生活习性,the third floor,the design integrates the living habits of cats and human © TkakeshiYAMAGISHI

▼儿童房室内,interior of the children’s room © TkakeshiYAMAGISHI


As the building facing the expansion road gets taller, the southwestern exterior of the building at the beginning of this project has a stepped volume to connect the fire spread barrier buildings and scale of the wooden buildings behind it.

▼楼梯与平台细部,details of the staircase and the platform © TkakeshiYAMAGISHI

▼总平面图,site plan © UmbreArchitects

▼二层平面图,2F plan © UmbreArchitects

▼三层平面图,3F plan © UmbreArchitects

▼剖面图,section © UmbreArchitects

Project Name: House in Kamiikebukuro
Office Name: UmbreArchitects
Office Website:
Social Media Accounts:
Contact email:
Firm Location: Tokyo, Japan
Completion Year:2019
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2):75.63㎡
Project location: Tokyo, Japan
Program: residence
Lead Architects: Hiroshi Matsuo, Yuki Matsuo
Photo Credits: ©TkakeshiYAMAGISHI

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