House in Achladies by Lydia Xynogala

A modern Mediterranean house built with the concept of “aggregate”

Project Specs


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Situated on a sloping triangular site facing the sea, the house is conceived as a series of parallel adjoining rooms. They are created by retaining walls, a common feature in the surrounding Mediterranean landscape.

▼住宅外观,exterior view


Each room sits at a different elevation following the topography and contains a dedicated program. Access to the entry volume is located at the highest level of the site. A stair makes the slope flow into the house. This entry condition constitutes the first interior experience of the house, that of a viewing apparatus onto the sea. The public spaces of the house are located in the center, master bedroom and guest rooms are on either side. Each space is focused on a large opening to the south, contemplating the sea. This is complemented by a smaller window to the north, looking towards the slope. These openings also provide efficient cross ventilation for each room.

▼入口路径位于场地最高处,access to the entry volume is located at the highest level of the site

▼楼梯顺着斜坡缓缓通向室内,a stair makes the slope flow into the house


The volumes are in shear, a condition that ensures that each outdoor terrace has privacy even if the volumes are adjoining; there are no views from each terrace to the next. Sliding doors through the double walls mark the passage from one space to the next. The notion of a “cut” through the solid walls is emphasized by the grey marble of the thresholds. Walls are constructed from solid concrete and provide large thermal mass. The east and west facades that face the road and the neighboring buildings have no openings. They protect the interior from the heat of the sun. This creates a barely visible configuration of spaces conveying privacy in its interiors but with maximum views towards the sea.

▼客厅,living room

▼实体混凝土墙壁带来强大的吸热和储热能力,the solid concrete walls provide large thermal mass

▼厨房,碗柜和储物空间被嵌入双层隔墙,kitchen, with built-in furniture and storage spaces

▼南向的主卧室拥有宽阔的视野,the master bedroom with a large opening to the south

▼主卧室洗手间,master bathroom


▼带天窗的淋浴房,shower room lit by skylight


▼不加修饰的混凝土墙面贯穿室内,walls built in raw concrete


The concept of “aggregate” was a generator of form and selection of materials. Aggregation of volumes, aggregate in the raw concrete walls, in the terrazzo floor, roofs filled with gravel and plants. In the interior at adjoining walls double up: built-in furniture and storage spaces; within them are desks, bathroom sink, plate dresser, artwork display. These built-in furniture are custom designed and are arranged along the centerline of the plan creating a dynamic sequence. Materials were used that are very familiar in older Greek residential interiors such as terrazzo floors, which is present throughout the house inside and outside as well as marble and plaster render, but used in spaces, forms and combinations that are not so familiar.

▼屋顶平台,roofs filled with gravel and plants






Location: Achladies, Skiathos Island, Greece
Completed: 2016

Architect: Lydia Xynogala, New York (
Photography: Yiorgis Yerolymbos (

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