HOUSE – Human’s Optional USE by H&P Architects

Bring in economic stability for vulnerable regions

Project Specs


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HOUSE – 可以选择使用的房屋主要包含三个部分:加强钢结构,双层覆板以及家具。该住宅可以在不同环境脆弱的区域使用,如乡村、水灾地区、低收入安置区等。成组的房屋以多种方式相互连接,形成带有不被打扰的公共空间的安宁居所。HOUSE还可以被用作多功能空间,满足教育、医疗、社区等活动的需求。

▼项目远景鸟瞰,distanced area view of the project ©Le Minh Hoang

HOUSE (Human’s Optional USE) – the house has three main parts: Reinforcing steel frame, 2-layer Covering and Supply and installation of furniture, which can be used in different vulnerable areas such as rural areas, flooded areas, and resettlement – low income areas. Groups of houses are laid out and assembled with one another in various ways to create a peaceful area of populations with uninterrupted open spaces for all. HOUSE can also be used as a multi-functional space for activities in Education, Healthcare, and Community…

▼分解轴测图和节点分析,exploded axonometric and joint analysis ©H&P Architects


▼建筑结构可以满足不同环境下的建造需要,the structure can meet various requirements under different environments ©H&P Architects

Reinforcing steel frame (pillars and beam of 3-meter long, pitched roof frame) is made of steel tube (15x15cm) assembled with one another through multipoint joints that makes it easy to build more floors. The frame also allows lifting the foundation pillars to form a house-on-stilts (for mountainous terrain) or spreading the foundation into a floating house supported by many barrels beneath (for water areas).

▼房屋外观,external view of the house ©Le Minh Hoang


▼生态能源策略分析,ecological energy strategy analysis ©H&P Architects

The 2-layer covering (enclosing walls, roofs, doors) are determined subject to different regions with use of materials friendly and available in localities such as compacted bricks, unburnt bricks, waste bricks, steel tube, corrugated iron, foil, etc. The solar panels on the roof can produce twice as much electricity as necessary for common electrical equipment used in a conventional household. The amount of residual electricity will be stored or traded. The roof top has a sprinkler system to clean and cool the roof during hot summer days. The reuse of domestic water is also paid special attention.

▼入口和花园,entrance and garden ©Le Minh Hoang

▼材料细部,material details ©Le Minh Hoang


Finishing work (ground, floor, staircase, partition wall, and furniture) are done subject to the conditions and needs ofliving area of each family. The house can be completed in stages from bottom to top based on the empty spaces which are available and within.

▼室内空间概览,overall view of the interior space ©Le Minh Hoang

▼楼梯,staircase ©Le Minh Hoang

▼二层空间,不同楼层之间形成视觉连接,space on the second floor, creating visual connection on different levels ©Le Minh Hoang

▼使用者根据需求分割空间、选择材料,uses dividing spaces and choosing materials according to their own needs ©Le Minh Hoang


House users will participate directly in the construction process and actively divide spaces according to their needs. They are also producers of materials (cover and completed parts) available in their locality, thereby contributing to creating jobs, forming homes, promoting the development of Renewable energy (roof is a large surface to convert solar energy into electricity and collect rain water) and bringing about the ecological balance as well as economic stability for population communities in vulnerable regions.

▼夜景,night view ©Le Minh Hoang

▼平面图,plan ©H&P Architects

▼立面图和剖面图,elevations and section ©H&P Architects

Architect: H&P Architects
Location:  An Lai hamlet, An Luong commune, Thanh Ha district, Hai Duong, Vietnam

Team: Doan Thanh Ha ,Tran Ngoc Phuong, Han Minh Tu, Nguyen Hai Hue, Tran Van Duong, Luong Thi Ngoc Lan
Construction area: 42 m2 (6m45 X 6m45)
Total floor area: 75 m2 (for 4 people)
Manufacturers: Viglacera brick, bamboo, steel
Completed: May. 2020
Photographer: Le Minh Hoang ( )

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