House A11 in Sevilla by Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra

Transparencies and deep perspectives

Project Specs


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Operating within an uneven and lengthened plot (with a 2,20m facade) located in the city centre of Seville was not the only starting restriction, there was also a derelict steel structure, abandoned some years before by the previous landlord, which had to be reused and integrated on the project, even if it was thought for a quite dissimilar program. Additionally, the space located at the bottom of the plot, theoretically expected to be a garden, was surrounded by constructions far higher than the house, seriously compromising the privacy of this area. The proposal embraces the complexity of these problems, assuming the limitations and constraints imposed by the situation, and makes them its source of strength.

▼住宅街景立面,the street view of the house


▼住宅爆炸轴测图,the exploded axon of the house

The house adopts the Sevillian casa patio typological organization: the sequence of the zaguán-patio-room-garden, looking for transparencies and deep perspectives. The zaguán, in this case, because of its condition of filtering space with two different closures (a perforated steel gate and a glazed door) becomes an efficient and solvent thermal regulator for the whole house.

▼入口玄关,安装着一扇穿孔钢门和一扇玻璃门,形成一个热调节的缓冲空间,the entrance hall (zaguán) with a perforated steel gate and a glazed door, generating a filtering space to regulate the thermal environment


The layout of the stairs, placed against one of the party walls, generates a long perspective without interruptions from the street to the back garden, where a two-layer perimeter metal mesh system supports the climbing plants, transforming this courtyard in a real orchard, a small but intense hidden garden.

▼住宅室内楼梯,楼梯紧靠着共用隔墙设置,确保了从街道到住宅后花园之间的视觉通透性,the stairs placed against one of the party walls, generating a long perspective without interruptions from the street to the back garden

▼室内空间局部,楼梯旁设置着大量的植物,partial interior view of the house, a lot of plants are arranged beside the stairs

▼室内楼梯细节,details of the stairs


A couple of large cantilevers brings the house into the garden, getting closer to the poplars planted just in front of the climbing plants. One of them is at the first level: terrace and porch for the summer dining room. The other one, at the second floor, is longer and slenderer and accommodates the access stairs to the rooftop.

▼住宅背面外观局部,三层的悬臂结构设置着通往屋顶平台的楼梯,partial exterior view of the back house, the cantilever at the second floor accommodates the access stairs to the rooftop

▼住宅后花园,由双层的金属网系统限定出来,为藤蔓类植物提供了攀爬空间,the back garden where a two-layer perimeter metal mesh system supports the climbing plants

▼二层的悬臂结构将居住空间引入了后花园之中,the cantilever at the first floor brings the house into the garden

▼住宅的半室外空间,the semi-outdoor space of the house

▼模型照片,the physical model

▼各层平面图,floor plans

Location: Calle Alhondiga 11. Sevilla
Project: 2015
Construction: 2017-2019
Architect: Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra (Project & direction of works)
Technical Architect: Marcos Vázquez Consuegra (Project & direction of works) with Ignacio González (direction of works)
Collaborators: Alvaro Luna, Davide Fuser, Julia Moreno
Landscaping: Arquitectura Agronomía, Marta Puig de la Bellacasa
Structure: Edartec Consultores, S.L
Services: Ingenieros-JG, S.L
Construction Surface: 447 m²
Outdoor spaces: 200,5 m²
Contractor: Ferrovial S.A.
Client: José F. Arquellada
Photos: Jesús Granada

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