Hotel MoMc, Beijing, China by SUNLAY

Harmony with nature, Poetic Residency

Project Specs


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Afield the creeping grass, With crystal dew overspread,
There’s a beautiful lass, With clear eyes and fine forehead.」
When I meet the clear-eyed, My desire’s satisfied.

They were just passing through,
but they left behind a habitat of poetry.

▼远景鸟瞰,distanced aerial view of the project ©蔓兰家的四季


Facing out onto the breathtaking mountains and waterscape, the design of this B&B is not just another replica of a traditional residential courtyard. Rather, it is a response to a new and revolutionary understanding of human life. As such, it is essential that the architecture reflects the local culture and surrounding landscape, while also integrating new ideas, so as to create a space with unlimited possibilities which integrates people’s innermost feelings about life and nature as a single entity. The space is no longer empty – now it is a place of remembrance.

▼鸟瞰,项目融于自然之间,aerial view of the project merging into the nature ©蔓兰家的四季


蔓兰 · 零露
MoMc · Linglu 

“蔓兰家的四季”民宿坐落在北京房山区黄山店村的山谷村落中,是由”蔓草”、“零露”、“有美”、“清扬” 四座民宿组团建筑构成。

Located in the valley of Huangshandian Village in Fangshan District, Beijing, the “MoMc” B&B is composed of four clusters, including: “Mancao”, “Linglu”, “Youmei” and “Qingyang”.

▼顶视图,项目由四座民宿组团建筑构成,top view, the project is composed of four clusters ©蔓兰家的四季

由SUNLAY LAB主持设计的“零露”组团位于一处不规则形状的基地。几座民宿背山面河,组合共生构成民宿聚落,形成了隐于村落,对话峰岭的新民宿居住体验。

The “Linglu” cluster, designed by Sunlay Lab, is located on a uniquely shaped base. Several of the B&Bs face out onto the river with the mountains directly behind them. The result of this symbiotic fusion is a B&B cluster which encompasses a new type of B&B living experience hidden deep in the village where one may converse with the peaks and ridges.

▼项目区位,project location ©SUNLAY三磊

▼“零露”组团鸟瞰,aerial view of “Linglu” cluster ©蔓兰家的四季


设计逻辑 / 文脉 · 自然 · 自在
Design Logic / Culture · Nature · Freedom


▼设计概念,design concept ©SUNLAY三磊

▼形态生成,generation diagram ©SUNLAY三磊

“Linglu” is located in the traditional village of Huangshandian. The spatial forms, dimensions, materials, and colors encompassed in the traditional residential courtyard are explicit interpretations of the lifestyle and spirituality of the people who have inhabited this area for thousands of years. The sloping roof at the entrance and its user-friendly scale, the spiritual “Four Waters Returning to the Hall” (a classical Chinese style of organization of space), the spatial arrangement of the central axis, and the recycling of local materials are all reinterpreted in this contemporary B&B.

▼“零露”组团顶视图,top view of “Linglu” cluster ©蔓兰家的四季


There are 14 trees growing naturally on the low-lying terrain where “Linglu” is located, which tell the story of both the site’s past and present. Rather than simply preserving the original trees, the appearance of “Linglu” has allowed these trees to be genuinely displayed as a part of the surrounding nature. While fully respecting the original appearance of the natural habitat, “Linglu” extends the living space into nature, creating a liberating habitat which is in harmony with nature.

▼基地中的树木得到保留,trees on the site are remained ©蔓兰家的四季

▼中庭,central courtyard ©蔓兰家的四季


The result is a space which harmoniously integrates the inner and outer areas, allowing residents to feel as if they are indoors while spending time in the courtyard, and vice versa.

▼室内外空间分析,analysis of inner and outer spaces ©SUNLAY三磊


In the city, there is a clear distinction between the interior and exterior of one’s house; in the countryside, B&Bs allow people to revel in nature, while applying the power of humanity and technology to capture the value of human existence. Climbing onto the roof terrace, weaving through “stones”, and getting wrapped among the trees, while always under the watchful eye of the mountains in the distance. Even as a visitor, a habitat of poetry remains.

▼西侧院,室内外融合的院落空间,courtyard on the west side integrating the inner and outer areas ©蔓兰家的四季

▼东侧院,courtyard on the east side ©蔓兰家的四季

▼砖墙、坡屋顶与树木,brick wall, pitched roof and tree ©蔓兰家的四季


建筑室内外关系 /“庭院深深深几许”
The Relationship Between the Building’s Interior and Exterior / The deep courtyard is rich in scenes


After the introduction of “Linglu”, the structures and 14 trees on the site have worked in harmony to create a richly layered relationship between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The spaces are interconnected and permeable while ensuring a necessary level of privacy. The continuity and integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, the layers and reinterpretation of space, and a continuous and uninterrupted spatial experience inspires visitors to always continue exploring. A different kind of spatial state conveys remarkable memories.

▼休息区,lounge ©蔓兰家的四季

▼餐厅,dining space ©蔓兰家的四季

▼从窗口看向庭院,view to the courtyard from the opening ©蔓兰家的四季


居住单元 / 新的“原型”
Residential Units / New “Archetypes”


The residences are regulated but maintain a certain dynamism, like “stone blocks” which are scattered freely among the trees, intimately conversing with nature and creating an external expression of the interior space’s logic.

▼石块般散落的居住体块,stone-like residences ©SUNLAY三磊


The bedroom and bathroom appear close at hand and yet distant. Its scenic views are what define it.

▼居住区,residence ©蔓兰家的四季

▼一层平面图,first floor plan ©SUNLAY三磊

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan ©SUNLAY三磊

▼立面图,elevations ©SUNLAY三磊

▼剖面图,sections ©SUNLAY三磊

项目设计&完成年份:2019/10/01 – 2020/10/01

Project Name: MoMc
Design: SUNLAY
Contact e-mail:
Design & Completion Year: 2019/10/01 – 2020/10/01
Leader Designer: Zhang Hua
Team: Zhang Peng,Lin Yijun, Liu Xiaoya, Yang Shuo, Wu Bingzhang
Project Location: MoMc,Huangshandian Village, Fangshan District, Beijing
Gross Built Area: 300
Photo Credits: MoMc
Architecture: SUNLAY
Landscape: SUNLAY
Interior Design: SUNLAY
Construction Design: Victory Star
Construction: Tianrundangdai
Soft Decoration Design: Beijing Runbojia
Clients: MoMc

More: SUNLAY / SUNLAY,更多关于他们: SUNLAY on gooood


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