Horgos by GASPARBONTA & Partners

retaining the spatial transformation of industrial style

Project Specs


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▼改造前废弃的印刷厂,abandoned printing plant before renovation

She knows history (not just her own) and has a good relationship with it. She lets herself into the excitement of today but keeps being proud about her old treasures too. there is a square. There is more, but this is the nicest. There is a chapel, a school, a printing house. It’s human, loveable, and good to arrive to. The printing house hasn’t been used for a long time, it was abandoned and in ruins. Just saveable.

▼改造后明亮的办公空间,bright office space after renovation

整个小镇都很喜欢这块场地,于是当地的建筑师、总承包商以及合作开发人员都决定重新打造这个印刷厂,原有的设施将被移除,并运用新的元素来重新诠释它,为今天的功能和娱乐做好准备。 设计师通过改造旧的建筑打造出一个新的设计,让这个空旷的空间变得活跃起来,同时重塑出新的外壳,置入新的栏杆、门窗、照明设施以及新的家具。

The town also loves the square. The local architect, general contractor and developer working with us all treated it with love. Everything that could be used was cleansed, reinterpreted, replaced with new elements, prepared for today’s excitement and functions. We made a new one from the old one. The empty spaces became alive, receiving new casings, barriers, doors, lamps, a respectful new wardrobe.

▼建筑入口前台,front desk at the building entrance

▼一层的接待大厅,reception hall on the first floor

▼与大厅相互渗透的会议室,the meeting room that penetrates the hall

▼沿袭工业感的金属楼梯,metal staircase that follows the industrial sense


There was no need to be ostentatious. In addition to the cleaned brick walls, the exposed concrete ceilings, wooden doors and windows, the simple cement finishing of the rough walls and the dumpy, heavy iron staircase were all a plain answers. There are no unnecessary items. Clear, well-lighted, airy spaces were created, while the house remained in her heavy, industrial nature. It became an office. Workplace, living space for people. It could be anywhere in the world, but here it is, in the town over a lake, which is easy to love. Next to the school, opposite the chapel.

▼全玻璃屋顶改善了原有房屋的采光情况,full glass roof improves lighting in existing homes

▼相同金属元素的应用将一、二层空间联系起来,the application of the same metal element links the first and second layers of space

▼楼梯旁的办公室,the office beside the stair

▼办公区一览,the view of the office

▼位于二层的会议室保留了原有砖砌房顶,the meeting room on the 2nd floor with original brick roof

▼白色通道与原有砖墙相搭配,white channel matches original brick wall

▼新置入的白色书柜,newly placed white bookcase

▼金属楼梯与混凝土墙壁的结合,combination of metal stairs and concrete walls

▼建筑外楼梯,the exterior stairs

▼照明设备细部,the detail of the lighting

▼金属楼梯细部,the detail of the metal staircase

▼一层平面,the 1st floor plan

▼二层平面,the 2nd floor plan

▼剖面图,the section

Interior Design: GASPARBONTA & Partners
Lead designer: Daniel Eke, Gaspar Bonta
Assistant designer: Orsolya Lőrincz
Architecture: A211 Architects
Lead Architect: Gábor Peresztegi
Photography: Bálint Jaksa
Office furniture: BLUE
Meeting room furniture: TheShowroom
General Contractor: VEMÉVSZER
Location: Veszprém, Hungary
Area: 365 sqm
Year of Completion: 2018

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