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这九座岛屿名为”Holms” (小岛),仅位于哥本哈根以南10公里处,是未来几年在北欧斯堪地那维亚半岛内最大的填海计划。此案面对了这个区域的几项需求: 知识密集产业对用地的需求日渐趋升、生产无化石能源及防洪堤确保现存及未来土地。除此之外,此案也提供了大面积的公共自然环境,增加运动和休闲用地与改善生物多样性的机会。

The Danish Government and Mayors of Greater Copenhagen announces the plans for 3 million sqm land reclamation. The vision, designed by URBAN POWER architecture & planning, deals with urgent environmental and commercial challenges of the metropolitan area. The nine Islands, called Holmene (the Islets), located just 10 km south of Copenhagen, is the largest land reclamation project in Scandinavia in the years to come. They address several needs in the area: A growing demand for sites for knowledge intensive industry, fossil-free energy production and a flood barrier to secure both existing and future areas. Furthermore it adds an enormous public accessible natural area for sports, recreation and improved biodiversity.

▼Holmene九座人工岛规划鸟瞰,aerial view of the Holmene with nine new islands URBAN POWER for Hvidovre municipality


Fossil free energy from Copenhageners waste

此人工岛计划中最重要的一部分是URBAN POWER建筑及规划事务所规划将其中一座岛屿专门用作绿色科技及北欧最大的废物能源回收处理厂。由地方上150万市民所产出的生物废物及废水会在这里进行进一步的处理并转换为净水、资源及沼气。加上蓄热、风力发电和其他绿能科技,每年至少可减少7万吨的二氧化碳排放量并生产超过30万兆瓦的无化石能源,相当于哥本哈根人口25%的用电量。这将会是迈向绿色转型很重要的一步。

An essential part of the land reclamation, URBAN POWER designed an area reserved for green technologies and the biggest Waste-to-Energy plant in Northern Europe. Bio waste and waste water from the regions 1.5 million citizens, is handled here and turned into clean water, resources and biogas. Together with heat storage, wind mills and other green technologies, an annual reduction of at least 70.000 tons CO2 and production of more than 300.000 MWh fossil free energy: Equivalent to the power consumption of 25% of the population of Copenhagen city. An important step towards the green transition.

▼人工岛计划中最重要的一部分是将一座岛屿专门用于绿色科技及北欧最大的废物能源回收处理厂,an essential part of the land reclamation is to design an area reserved for green technologies and the biggest Waste-to-Energy plant in Northern Europe URBAN POWER for Hvidovre municipality

▼海滨公园,bench park URBAN POWER for Hvidovre municipality


Resilient green delta

哈维德夫市对此案高度的雄心促成了URBAN POWER建筑及规划事务所的加入,他们的设计策略是置入数个小岛而非传统大规模的填海人工岛。URBAN POWER建筑及规划事务所的建筑师Arne Cermak Nielsen说:这个设计策略拥有许多优势,这些人工岛可被分次建造,以防止当经济衰败突然发生时留下一个未完成的案子;此外,这些人工岛可依主题发展,为绿色科技、生物科技、生命科学和未来未知领域等创新产业及研究提供最佳条件。同时他也说:岛与岛之间的流域与岛的海岸拥有独特的潜能,此亲水性是不容小觑的。


The high level of ambitions lead to the involvement of URBAN POWER. Their strategic design introduced a group of islands rather than a traditional massive land reclamation.“The strategy has several advantages: It can be developed stepwise without leaving the impression of an unfinished project, if a new economic recession appear. Furthermore the islands can be thematically developed, leaving the best conditions for the innovative industry and research within green tech, bio tech, life science and future yet unknown sectors”, says Arne Cermak Nielsen, partner of URBAN POWER. He adds: “The quality of being by the water should not be underestimated, and the shores of the islands and the delta that emerge between them has a unique potential”.

As a result each island will have a green belt of nature, that ensures attractive transitions between land and water. The diverse landscape invite for sports and activities in some areas and recreation in others. There’s even several small islets and reefs inaccessible for humans, to provide the best conditions for nature and wildlife at land as well as in the water. Surplus soil is the backbone of the land fill. It finance the construction of the islands and solves an urgent challenge of surplus soil from the regions subway and building projects. The soil will additionally be used to create a natural protective landscape along the existing coastline: It makes the landscape resilient towards future floodings and provides an improved network of 18 km bike routes i green surroundings.

▼人工岛被分次建造,以防止经济衰败留下一个未完成的案子—大哥本哈根1960年景象,the project can be developed stepwise without leaving the impression of an unfinished project-greater Copenhagen 1960 URBAN POWER for Hvidovre municipality

▼大哥本哈根2019年景象,greater Copenhagen 2019 URBAN POWER for Hvidovre municipality

▼大哥本哈根2040年时规划景象,greater Copenhagen 2040 URBAN POWER for Hvidovre municipality




URBAN POWER建筑及规划事务所负责发展Holms的设计策略,将成为北欧斯堪地那维亚半岛未来几年最大最具雄心的人工岛计划。环境评估于2019年开始,2022年开始建造,预计于2040年完工。COWI为此案工程师顾问,负责工程建造、预算、环境影响评估等等其他顾问为DHI-group、MOE、Aglaja及Rambøll。

URBAN POWER architecture & planning has developed the strategic design of Holmene. It’s the largest and most ambitious land reclamation area of Scandinavia in the years to come. The environmental impact assessment starts in 2019. Construction starts in 2022. Project is expected to be completed in 2040. COWI is the consulting engineer on construction, cost, environmental impact etc. Additional advising by DHI-group, MOE, Aglaja and Rambøll



9 islands with industry and accessible natural areal for sports and recreation Several inaccessible islets and reefs for untouched nature. 2,3 million square meter industrial area 0,7 million square meter natural areas. Constructed by 26 million cubic meter of surplus soil.

▼近观岛屿1960年景象-规划时重视岛屿亲水性,zoom 1960-the quality of being by the water should not be underestimated URBAN POWER for Hvidovre municipality

▼近观2019年景象,zoom 2019 URBAN POWER for Hvidovre municipality

▼近观2040年规划景象-每座岛将有各自的自然绿带,多样化的景观提供各种活动发生的可能性,zoom 2040-each island will have a green belt of nature and diverse landscape invite for activities URBAN POWER for Hvidovre municipality


资金来自于剩余土壤及土地出售,约4.8亿至5.4亿欧元工程预算约4.25亿欧元。估计有380个新产业及1.2万个工作机会。GDP(Gross Domestic Product,国内生产总值)成长高达70亿欧元。

Income from surplus soil and sale of plots, 480-540 million euro Construction cost, expected 425 million euro. Estimated 380 new businesses and 12000 jobs BNP growth, up to 7 billion euro.

无化石能源生产|Fossil free energy production


Expected annual production of 322.000 MW fossil free energy. Expected 74.000 t of annual CO2 reduction compared with danish energy-mix Expected 278.000 t of annual CO2 reduction compared with energy from coal

项目名称:Holmene (小岛)
项目设计 & 完成年份:2018-2040
项目地址:哈维德夫市, 丹麦
建筑面积:基地面积3,080,000 m2 / 建筑面积1,500,000 m2
摄影版权:URBAN POWER for Hvidovre municipality
合作方:DHI-group, MOE, Aglaja 及 Rambøll
Project name: Holmene (the islets)
Website http://www.urbanpower.dk/index.html
Contact e-mail: acn@urbanpower.dk
Design year & Completion Year : 2018-2040
Leader Team: URBAN POWER
Project location: Hvidovre, Denmark
Gross Built Area: Site area 3,080,000 m2 / floor area 1,500,000 m2
Photo credits: URBAN POWER for Hvidovre municipality
Partners: DHI-group, MOE, Aglaja and Rambøll
Clients: Hvidovre municipality


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