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A house with light

Project Specs


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Hikari House is a residential project located in Bandung, Indonesia. In a house where people lives and grow, layout plays a significant part in the design of a residential house, which speaks about the connection and synergy between public, private and service areas.

▼住宅正立面一览,house facade overview


Hikari House, which literally means “House of Light”, is designed to give users the experience of how natural lighting and time interact with architecture. The natural light that sips into the house will vary, not only by day, yet the light will constantly change following the movement of the sun towards the earth that changes throughout the year. In addition to natural lighting, airflow plays a role in this house. The flow is designed the way the house ‘breathes’ from the terrace and living area towards the dining and dry garden.

▼住宅入口,house entrance

▼从天窗落下的日光照亮整个小会客室,the guest meeting room is filled with light from the skylight

设计利用露台房屋的概念,创造出一种外观和内部的扭曲,营造出一种不同的氛围,模糊了Hikari house室内和室外的界线。在后院摆放的那堆东西与客厅里的使用者的眼睛高度相同,强调户外和室内的联系。这就使得户外和室内元素之间的联系更加紧密。然后,从餐厅看到的仙人掌花园创造出一种室内室外的无缝连接。除了餐厅外还有额外的空间,当隔断玻璃打开时,室内空间变得更加宽敞。

Using the terrace house concept which creates a twist of the exterior and interior, made a different ambiance that blurs the boundaries of indoor and outdoor of Hikari House. Emphasizing the connection between outdoor and indoor, the pile that presents at the backyard is made at the same height with the eye level of the user that sits in the living room. This creates a stronger bond between outdoor and indoor elements. Then, the cactus garden that is seen from the dining room, creates a joinery of the outdoor to the indoor seamlessly. Furthermore, with the additional void space that exists besides the dining room, it makes the indoor space more spacious when the partition glass is opened.

▼餐厅一览,overview of the dinning room

▼餐厅的绿植,the plants in the dinning room

▼餐厅一侧是种植着一棵树的露台,on the side of the kitchen is a terrace with a tree

▼从次卧可以看到露台上的树,from the small bedroom one can see the terrace tree

▼餐厅另一头的厨房,the kitchen on the other side of the dinning area


As interior design is a unity and is inseparable with the architecture itself, the interior of this house is stitched by the elements that can be seen throughout the building. Architectural approach, natural lighting, artificial lighting, furniture, decorative accents, up to the landscape that pleases, those are the elements that communicate and felt from the inside of the house.

▼客厅一览,overview of the living room

▼客厅一侧是花园;overview of the living room that opens to the exterior garden with glass doors

▼主卧一侧也连接着室外花园,the other side of the main bedroom is also adjacent to the exterior garden

▼室外花园一览,overview of the exterior garden


The façade of this house is facing towards the west, with a solid look that gives the user privacy and prevents the interior from the afternoon sunlight glare. The form and material of the house represent the idea of creating a house with low maintenance. Furthermore, the explicit usage of material such as exposed concrete, ulin wood, and steel bars used for the exterior, this house creates an impression of a modern tropical house.

▼花园夜景,the night view of the garden

▼晚间的卧室与花园,the bedroom and the garden at night

▼住宅夜景,the night view of the house

▼住宅平面,the plan of the house

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