Heartbits App by Estudio Guto Requena and Midiadub

Simulating heartbeats and spreading love.

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假如把你的“心跳”发送给一直思念的人会怎么样?Heartbits是一款收集心跳并将其发送给你所爱的人的应用程序。只需要用你的食指遮住手机的后置摄像头,放松心情,然后心里想着这个人,就可以录制心跳。它通过手指的脉搏来收集心跳,然后将这些数据转换成模拟心跳的声音和手机的实时震动,以及 15秒的视频。最后,你可以输入一条信息并将它发送给真正想要拥抱的人,然后说:我想念你,你对我真的很重要。

What if you could send your heart to those you’ve been missing?Heartbits is an app that collects heartbeats and sends them to those you love. Just cover the phone’s back camera with your index finger, relax and think about this person. The app collects your heartbeat through the pulse on your finger and turns this data into sound (your heartbeat), vibration (the phone will vibrate in real time) and a 15-second video. At the end of this capture, you can type a small message and send it to that person you really want to give a hug and say: I miss you, you are important to me.

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The motivation to create the app came in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which brought enormous challenges to the public health and to the daily lives of the global population. But we realized that, although loneliness, anxiety and longing are intensified due to the social distancing – the best way to fight the spread of the epidemic – these feelings have always been very present in our modern society. Spreading love, comfort and affection will always be a universal and timeless human need.

虽然没有什么可以替代一个紧紧的拥抱,但科技、艺术与设计的融合足以缩短人与人之间的距离,使我们彼此联系,与所爱之人变得更加亲近。Estudio Guto Requena和Midiadub参与了Heartbits的创作,这款应用程序不仅能够在此刻帮助我们减少孤独感,更可以在任何我们需要爱的时候带来慰藉。

Nothing can replace a tight hug, but the union between technology, art and design has the power to shorten distances, connect us with each other and get us closer to those we love. Estudio Guto Requena and Midiadub joined in the creation of Heartbits to help us feel a little less lonely, not just at this moment, but anytime someone needs affection.

Experience Development: Estudio Guto Requena and Midiadub
Original Concept: Guto Requena
Technological Development of the App: André Mattos, Arthur Boniconte and Gabriel dos Santos
Programming of Heartbeat Sensor: André Mattos and Bruno Aricó
Graphic Design: Tiago Toledo
Coordination: Camila Gonçalves and Rodrigo Jurados
Site: https://www.heartbits.app/
IG: @heartbits.app
André Mattos
Email: andre@midiadub.com
Phone number: 55 11 98997 8158
Guto Requena
Email: guto@gutorequena.com.br
Phone number: 55 11 99499 4595

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