“hasu” and “handle-flower” for Sèvres by nendo

Design for the traditional French porcelain manufacturer founded in 1740

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A low table that was designed for the Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres, founded in 1740 as the royal porcelain, today a national living heritage whose tradition and skill remain unchanged.



Reflecting the characteristics of the Sèvres Porcelains which are endowed with a full range of expertly crafted decorative details, the design encompassed a square-shaped table gradually dispersing into a group of small round-shaped tables, and then transforming into lotus leaves. The gradient transition from the flat and smooth artifacts to natural objects with expressive texture was used to represent the “floating” and “flowing” sensation of water. The speed and the direction of the “flow” can also be varied by changing the positioning of the small tables.

Collaborator : syk, ttd
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida





Among the enormous archive of Sèvres, attention was drawn to the vast quantity of handles that were made for the numerous cups and pots. Using these handles of various sizes and shapes, porcelain flowers were created.


Each handle represents a flower petal, and adjustments were made to the number, gaps and angles of the petals, so that each characteristic of the handle would become the uniqueness of the flower. Instead of reinventing completely new shapes, a new “Sèvres” was expressed through the usage of figures that has a unique historical meaning to the manufacturer.







Collaborator : syk
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida

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