Guilin Landscape / Kyon.J.

The most exciting moment bringing by nature is the tine before sunrise or after sunset

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006-Guilin Landscape by Zhang Jin

004-Guilin Landscape by Zhang Jin

Kyon.J. ,whose national origin is Guangdong Province,graduated from Waseda University in Japan. Kyon.J. holds a master degree of business and engaged in advertising planning in Tokyo.

In February 2015,Kyon.J. got an opportunity to visit Hokkaido. In Hokkaido, she was deeply attracted by the vast white land and marvelous horizon line. From that time, she began to learn landscape photograph.

Kyon.J. says that the most exciting moment bringing by nature is the tine before sunrise or after sunset,which is the most valuable time as well. She also believes that it is an eternal theme of each landscape photographers. Colorful sky, unpredictable clouds and soft sunlight is the ephemeral elements in Kyon.J. ’s photography. She wants to share her feelings and the exciting moment through her lens to everyone who reads her work. She hopes more people could experience harmonious and beautiful things creating by nature via her photos. It is a kind of happiness to her, also the motivation driving her to insisting on photography.

001-Guilin Landscape by Zhang Jin

012-Guilin Landscape by Zhang Jin

014-Guilin Landscape by Zhang Jin

008-Guilin Landscape by Zhang Jin

013-Guilin Landscape by Zhang Jin

011-Guilin Landscape by Zhang Jin

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