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Interwoven movement and static

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由景观事务所Nomad Studio所设计的“绿色空气”装置作品正于圣路易斯现代艺术博物馆中展出,悬挂于空中的花园充满了生命力与动感,在地面投下不断变化的交织阴影,营造出一个极富感染力的空间。

Conceived as a living, kinetic sculpture nested within the courtyard of the Contemporary Art Museum of Saint Louis, Green Air proposes an immersive space, a hanging garden that floats above a tapestry of ever changing shadows.

006-GreenAir_Nomad_David Johnson15

© David Johnson

011-GreenAir_Nomad_David Johnson8

© David Johnson


Green Air is the second act of a broad exploration that started in 2015 with Green Varnish, a monumental green fabric composed of thousands of succulent plants that symbolically covered all the inconvenient facts of our lifestyle. The installation was carefully deconstructed last fall and its components were reutilized to build Green Air, creating a continuity and dialogue between the two pieces and the people who experience them.

▽ “绿色空气”在形式、材料上与“绿色虚物”隔着时空遥相呼应,a continuity and dialogue between the two pieces

004-GreenAir_Nomad_David Johnson13

© David Johnson

010-GreenAir_Nomad_David Johnson14

© David Johnson

008-GreenAir_Nomad_David Johnson12

© David Johnson

014-GreenAir_Nomad_David Johnson4

© David Johnson

▽去年展出的“绿色虚物”,the installation Green Varnish in the exhibition last year  (更多请点击/ MORE:Green Varnish by Nomad Studio)

B GreenVarnish Image - David Johnson

© David Johnson


For the second act, the space was modeled as the inverse of Green Varnish, both in form and intention. What was a solid piece anchored to the ground plane, is now a dispersed fluid volume suspended from an elevated plane. What was hidden is now exposed, hovering overhead, inviting us for an urgent reflection upon the contrast between the dynamic and static in natural and man-made systems.

▽ 悬浮于空中、充满着流动感的分散体量,a dispersed fluid volume suspended from an elevated plane

005-GreenAir_Nomad_David Johnson1

© David Johnson

007-GreenAir_Nomad_Sarah Rothberg1

© Sarah Rothberg

015-GreenAir_Nomad_David Johnson11

© David Johnson


Green Air is a space in and of itself, a systematic yet delicate arrangement of Tillandsias, hanging from thousands of slices of repurposed wood, suspended from the courtyard’s steel canopy, moving as a supraorganism. The installation has a powerful transformational impact on the courtyard at the heart of the Museum, as the sculpture hangs above the heads of visitors, swaying organically in the breeze, and sketching linear shadows on the courtyard’s ground plane.

▽ 层次丰富却又井然有序的空间,a systematic yet delicate arrangement of Tillandsias


© Nomad Studio

012-GreenAir_Nomad_David Johnson18

© David Johnson

013-GreenAir_Nomad_Sarah Rothberg2

© Sarah Rothberg

▽ 地面上细密而交错的阴影,linear shadows on the courtyard’s ground plane

002-GreenAir_Nomad_Alise O'Brien Photography3

© Alise O’Brien

Location: Contemporary Art Museum of Saint Louis (CAM).
Landscape Architects: Nomad Studio.
Consultants: LIA Engineering.
Installation Team
Jessi Cerutti & Caleb Hauck.
Molly Brennan, David Burnett, Key Chen, Ryan Doyle, Zac Farmer, Joshua Gann, Matthew Hannon, Emily Keefauver, Eric Kobal, Marianne Laury, Chris Lucas, Eric Repice, Adrienne Sandusky, Bret Schneider, Margot Shafran, Laura Schatzman, Jonathan Watt, Jamie Wiechens, Bin Yang, Eileen Zhang.
Maintenance Team: St. Louis Master Gardeners.

MORE: Nomad Studio,更多关于他们:Nomad Studio on gooood.

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