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2,Made in China. NO! 要推进一个Created in China 的世界。




gooood is having its seven year anniversary! As a company, it has been running for three and a half years.
We appreciate all the help we have received from our friends, as well as the critical advice, support, and suggestions from our readers.
We are also grateful for the contributions of everyone on gooood’s team, who are willing to take challenges, and are full of enthusiasm and talent.
gooood doubles its viewers every year, and has been continuing to expand exponentially. The monthly visit count is approaching nine million, while the count for a year is over a hundred million. With readers spreading all over the world, gooood has been recognized as one of the leading architecture, landscape architecture, design, and art websites globally. It is also the most influential and popular architecture, landscape architecture, design, and art internet media platform in China.

In the past seven years, our role is becoming increasingly clear. They are:
1. Discovering, spreading, and integrating creative ideas around the world in more innovative ways.
2. Pushing the change from a world of “Made in China” to a world of “Created in China.”

gooood started from the architecture and landscape architecture industry, however is planning to expand to the entire pan-creative design industry. It is based in China and expanding into the global media. We are hoping to make our own contribution to the development of the Chinese design industry, while also increasing the global influence of our content.

Our short-term agenda: we will try our very best to present high-quality projects and exclusive creative content globally. Meanwhile, we are seeking to explore a more diversified category (of information).

Our latest service adjustment: We will keep on providing recruitment service as well as introducing clients and designers to one another. We are also seeking to establish new architectural education and construction related services as well.

To our friends who are supporting gooood, and to our contributors, good luck and best wishes!
Chinese text by Xiangling, Founder of gooood
English text and Reviewed by Zihao Yang, Jeffrey Cheung.






gooood的最近一年320万读者(采用google Analytics 数据)来自世界各地,朋友们每次来到gooood平均停留时间7分52秒,创造数亿次点击,大家用不同的浏览器,不同的分辨率屏幕,不同的操作系统。

浏览器 (采用google Analytics 数据)
1. Chrome 68.76%
2. Safari 10.58%
3. Safari (in-app) 5.92%
4. Internet Explorer 3.94%
5. Android Webview 2.65%

电脑屏幕分辨率 (采用google Analytics 数据)
1. 1920×1080 38.61%
2. 1366×768 11.37%
3. 375×667 8.38%
4. 1440×900 7.77%
5. 1680×1050 4.21%

操作系统 (采用google Analytics 数据)
1. Windows 74.66%
2. iOS 14.54%
3. Android 6.57%
4. Macintosh 4.15%
5. Linux 0.05%

中国读者的城市分布图(采用google Analytics 数据)
1. Beijing 14.72%
2. Shanghai 12.07%
3. Guangzhou 6.86%
4. Shenzhen 5.62%
5. Hangzhou 4.95%
6. Chengdu 3.52%
7. Chongqing 2.94%
8. Wuhan 2.79%
9. Nanjing 2.64%
10. Xi’an 2.13%




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