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Beginning with the establishment of the Goodman Offices Project in Spain, we found an open space, where the nucleus of the toilets, the structure and the glass façade were the only aspects to take into account. The owner presented us their way of doing business as the main request: it is about an office in which there aren´t fixed places, but various ways of having a meeting and working together, a lot of flexibility and different situations.

▼用弦打造的空间,spaces made from strings

▼空间轴测图,axonometric drawing of the office

面对这些要求,我们创造了一种独特的语言,贯穿整个空间,并创造不同的功能和必须的流线。为此,我们用线创造了一个线性的分隔,它也成为了项目的“发动机”。我们还希望这种“生成元素” 能够建立一个不仅对到访客户、也对日常使用具有吸引力的企业身份。

Our answer to these requirements is to produce a unique language that goes through the space creating the different uses and circulations required. For that purpose, we use a linear separator made by strings as a generator of the project. We also want in turn that this ‘generating element’ establish an attractive and corporate identity, not only for the clients that visit the office but also for its ordinary usage.

▼弦成项目的“发动机”,strings become the generator



This element is defined by two wood profiles joined by elastic strings like if it is a lattice. It follows the space creating the needs (reception, meeting rooms and reprography room), and it also turns into furniture (lockers, storage and the kitchen), allowing more or less vision depending on client needs. In terms of materials, the flooring follows the lattice direction because two different colors are used to complete the slots and circulations design. These colors increase the mentioned corporate image.

▼弦从视觉上划分空间,the strings divide the space visually

▼会议室,the conference room

▼从会议室看到外面的工作空间,looking at the working area from the conference room

▼连接细节,details of the connection

▼弦细节,detail of the string

▼平面,the plan

More: ZOOCO ESTUDIO,更多关于他们: ZOOCO ESTUDIO on gooood

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