Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing Masterplan by McGregor Coxall

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The 57km Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing will be a world-class alpine walking experience that captures the essence of the Australian Alps – the solitude, the seasons, the breathtaking beauty and the stories of Victoria’s High Country.


McGregor Coxall与Parks Victoria,Tourism North East,Visit Victoria 和 Regional Development Victoria共同打造了这条路线的总体规划,该路线将为游客打开更加广阔的游览体验,同时平衡了其在娱乐性,保护性和经济性之间的关系。从Falls Creek到Mount Hotham,循着阿尔卑斯的迷人山脉,这条景观规划为来访者和提供了五天四晚的中长度游览体验。

McGregor Coxall worked with Parks Victoria, Tourism North East, Visit Victoria and Regional Development Victoria to develop the Masterplan which encourages broader visitation whilst balancing conservation, recreation and economic objectives. The plan proposes a 5-day 4-night mid-distance hiking experience through the unique and captivating alpine environment, from Falls Creek to Mount Hotham.

▼路线选择,trail options


The Masterplan encapsulates unique alpine and subalpine terrain, proposing immersive storylines of culture and environment through sensitively designed new infrastructure. These layered storylines weave their way through a varied landscape of high plains, river valleys, ridgelines and mountain peaks. In order to maximise experiences for a diverse array of walkers, including individual adventure seekers, small and self-guided groups, larger educational and school groups and guided tours, a suite of improvements and additional infrastructure will be developed to the highest standards of sustainable planning, design and management.

▼沿途体验,layers of experience

▼生态区剖面示例,the ecological section

此次设计优化了攀爬路线的质量,使其与周围环境获得更加紧密的融合性。临时休息站让来访者可以更加身临其境的享受High Country的美景。该项目充分结合周围环境,用多种手法诠释了自然美景,并为来访的游人提供了设计精美,对环境影响较低的居住空间。

Upgrades will consist of a higher track quality to enable improved engagement with the surrounds, rest stops to fully appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the High Country, engagement with Traditional owners, heritage interpretation to articulate the many landscape narratives, and a choice of well-designed, low-impact accommodation options.

▼三晚路线,three night option

▼四晚路线,four night option


-加强了Victoria和North East以充满活力的自然景观为定位的旅行体验。

The plan is underpinned by the following 4 principles:
– An Exceptional Experience to strengthen the positioning of Victoria and the North East as a vibrant nature-based destination.
– Advocacy and stewardship for the natural ecology and cultural values of the Victorian Alps, protected through the use of best-practice design, planning, management and interpretation.
– A Sustainable Management Model through public and private partnerships that establish new infrastructure, products and services.
– Benefits for the Region and State, promoting Healthy Parks, Healthy People by increasing interest and opportunities for a broader number of visitors.

▼攀爬体验,the hiking experience

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