Glamtree Resort by ArchiWorkshop

Spending leisure time in the forest.

Project Specs


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The site is full of chestnut trees and consists of natural contours. By stepping in to the site, you can feel like walking in a deep forest, and then will see the beautiful scenery of valleys of Seori-Mountain. Seori-Mountain is showing different looks by each hour and each season.We expected visitors to have a journey of experiencing staying in the forest and returning back to their daily lives with relaxing and healing experiences. ‘GLAMTREE’ has the meanings of Glamping Pavilion and Tree. It also has a comprehensive meaning of rich nature. The master plan and glamping design is inspired from the leaves and pebbles in the forest.

▼项目概览,包含接待中心和露营棚屋,overview,including welcome center and glamping pavilion © Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative


Welcome Center


When you arrive at GLAMTREE, you will first encounter a parking lot with stone walls stacked along the path in the wooden forest. A stone wall is built with the stones from the site. As you walk through the path in forest you will encounter the welcome center that greets visitors.

▼接待中心鸟瞰,aerial view of welcome center © Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative


The roof canopy of Welcome Center floats from the ground, so the transparent façade allows to embrace the nature behind. We designed floating like roof, in order to be experience as a part of nature as if they are still in the forest even when entering the building. The center of the Welcome Center is formed with large terrace like steps, which connects between welcome garden and the creek. The Welcome Center actively embraces the terrain of the land and creates various experiences.

▼接待中心,透明立面,漂浮式屋顶,welcome center,transparent facade,floating roof © Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative

▼梯田式阶梯,顺应地势,terrace-like steps,embracing the terrain of the land © Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative

▼接待中心入口,entrance of welcome center © Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative

▼接待中心室内,游客即使身处屋内,仿佛仍置身森林之中,interior of welcome center,even in the house, visitors seem to be in the forest © Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative

▼接待中心与室内泳池间的缝隙,gap between welcome center and indoor swimming pool © Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative

▼室内泳池,indoor swimming pool © Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative

▼室外泳池,outdoor swimming pool © Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative

▼屋顶细节 © Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative
details of roof


Glamping Pavilion


Glamping pavilions naturally settle like leaf veins on small forest paths along the gentle slope of the forest. From the outer terrace of the glamping, the scenery of the nature is experienced.

▼露营区域鸟瞰,aerial view of glamping area © Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative

▼露营棚屋,glamping pavilion © Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative

▼露营棚屋室内,interior of glamping pavilion © Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative

▼模型,models © ArchiWorkshop

▼总平,site view © ArchiWorkshop

Project Name: Glamtree
Architecture Firm: ArchiWorkshop
Contact e-mail:
Firm Location: Yeon-Hee, Seoul, south Korea
Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area: 2,050 sqm
Project location: Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Lead Architects: Hee-Jun SIM & Su-Jeong PARK
Lead Architects e-mail:
Photo credits: Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative
Photographer’s website: Kyungsub SHIN, Chaironecreative
Photographer’s e-mail: Kyungsub SHIN (,
Chaironecreative (
Design Team: Junhyuk SEO, Sooyoung KIM, Yoomi CHAE, Eunsol KIM
Clients: Glamtree
Engineering & Construction:
Structure Engineer: GHDW
Mechanical Engineer: Shungshin Mechanical Engineer
Electrical Engineer: Shinhan Electrical Engineering co., LTD

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