OVO Office – Gimme that Moroccan swag by I-V

A hyper-modern Moroccan interior design houses in an old industrial building.

Project Specs


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To meet this brief we looked to abstract classic Moroccan archetypes and distill them down into simple geometries and elegant materials – taking the essence of the traditional and transforming them into the hyper-modern.

2-Gimme that Moroccan swag by OVO Office

4-Gimme that Moroccan swag by OVO Office


The project is located in an old industrial building over two floors. The first floor houses an open reception, conference room, and work space, while the lower level consists of recording studios and break-out spaces. We intentionally juxtaposed a bright, light filled interior against the exterior grittiness of the building and neighbourhood in order to create a sense of fantasy upon entry.

▼开放的接待处,an open reception

3-Gimme that Moroccan swag by OVO Office

5-Gimme that Moroccan swag by OVO Office

▼ 会议室,Conference Room

6-Gimme that Moroccan swag by OVO Office

7-Gimme that Moroccan swag by OVO Office

建筑师尊重材料,将材料奢华精致的触感以永恒并真诚的手法淋漓尽致的展现了出来。在此基础上,建筑师选择用颜色简洁的青铜镜,白色环氧树脂,白色橡木和由 Paul Smith设计的马哈仁姆纺织品装饰室内,使空间充满活力。

With respect to materials, we wanted to reflect a true sense of luxury and sophistication, yet communicate it in a way that felt honest and timeless. We therefore opted to work with a minimal palette of bronze mirror, white epoxy, white oak, and a rich Maharam fabric designed by Paul Smith. The result is an aesthetically balanced and vibrant space.


8-Gimme that Moroccan swag by OVO Office      9-Gimme that Moroccan swag by OVO Office

10-Gimme that Moroccan swag by OVO Office

Photography: Lisa Petrole
Construction: Alliance Construction

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