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拥有无限创意的GENTLE MONSTER于全新高端百货旗舰北京SKP-S揭幕其品牌旗舰店。作为中国首屈一指的高端奢侈品百货SKP旗下又一成员,SKP-S由GENTLE MONSTER主导设计,以“数字-模拟 未来”为主题,为消费者呈现前所未有的沉浸式购物体验。在这个主题之下,GENTLE MONSTER亦对“未来人类”做出独特解读,携旗下艺术甜品NUDAKE的首家旗舰店正式入驻SKP-S三层。

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由SKP和GENTLE MONSTER携手打造的SKP-S是一间充满想象力和创见性的高端百货旗舰,以戏剧化的形式呈现了人类对于未来的好奇。在这个“数字-模拟 未来”中,生活于此的人类依然深深地怀念昔日时光。数字化的未来与模拟的过去在火星共存,并达到了奇妙的平衡。两个极端的相遇,碰撞出了令人惊喜的火花。SKP-S每层分布着美妆、时尚和鞋履区,囊括众多引领潮流的时尚品牌。创新的购物空间设计激发了人类对未来世界的憧憬和对过去时光的追忆,为顾客提供了前所未有的购物体验。

A visionary department store, SKP-S explores a unique narrative of the “Digital-Analog Future.” The department store’s theatrical space originates from a curiosity about “Where will the future world go? What will mankind pursue?” In the distant future, advances in technology blur the boundary between human and digital realms, enabling new forms of evolution beyond our imagination. Meanwhile, the analog world persists through fragmentary illusions created by a longing for the past. The digital future and analog past collide at Mars, an unknown point where the coexistence of two extremes brings strange pleasure. Robotic sheep grazing on the first floor’s ‘Future Farm’ and the imagined Martian environment exhibited on the second and third floors provide a surreal spatial experience. In addition, each floor features carefully selected retailers specializing in cosmetics, fashion, and shoes, along with prominent fashion brands that lead today’s trends. This innovative shopping space incites an anticipation for the future as well as nostalgia for the past, redefining the retail experience for visitors. SKP-S hopes to become the ground of inspiration for creative collaboration between all participating brands.

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艺术实验空间 – 未来农场
Art Experiment Space – Future Farm

SKP-S的艺术实验空间每年都会展示新的艺术装置和品牌快闪店。“未来农场”是SKP X GENTLE MONSTER此次向公众揭幕的第一篇章。数字科技的发展将人类带向了一个由机器掌控信息、由人工智能操纵人类记忆的世界。渴望拥有过去的复制人基于模拟世界创建了一个虚拟的现实。在梦境与现实的边界逐渐消解的空间里,克隆的机器绵羊和它们的原始样本一样地呼吸和移动,发出与它们同样的声音。但是,当我们回想起真羊在大自然中漫步的场面,我们就必须面对现实与幻想之间的罅隙。受困于渴望着不可逆的过去的未来,我们想要的究竟是什么?我们将作出何种选择?

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The starting point of SKP-S, Art Experiment Space annually presents new episodes of various art installations and brand pop-ups. SKP X GENTLE MONSTER reveals the first episode, “Future Farm.” The development of digital science and technology introduces a world where machines take over information and artificial intelligence manipulates human memories. AI replicants long for the past and create a virtual reality based on the analog world. Inside the space where the border between dreams and reality fades, clones of robotic sheep breathe, move, and sound identical to their original sources. However, when we recall living sheep roaming the vast fields of nature, we must confront the gap between reality and illusion. Trapped in the future longing for the irreversible past, what will we want, and what choices will we have to make?

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The first floor’s Select Shop, “Beauty of the Future,” features a cosmetic retail store examining the unprecedented aesthetic trends of Mars. The SKINCARE Zone displays objects and plants representing the beauty of Mars. The BAR and SALON, located in the MAKEUP Zone, provide visitors with new experiences through constantly changing content. SKP SELECT BEAUTY offers an active and engaging cosmetic experience to customers.

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Louis Vuitton

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More Stores

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二层空间主打精选服饰,以“火星历史”为主题。在未来,火星人将携带新的DNA实现进化,但他们仍对作为起源的地球怀抱着眷恋,因此努力地探索者他们的过去。入口处停放着一台航天器的模型,用以纪念它将第一个定居者送往火星的事迹。该楼层的空间和物品设计呈现了火星人的生活、战争和权力变革,并通过过去和未来的共存展示出强烈的张力。女装区、男装区、柔软角落(Soft Corner)和时尚配饰区这四个区域共同展示了来自行业顶级品牌的最新服饰。

The second floor’s SKP SELECT Shop, a fashion retail store, examines “Martian History.” Future Martians evolve with new DNA, but nostalgic for earthly origins, they work to rediscover their past. A model of the spacecraft that transported the first settlers to Mars stands at the entrance as a monumental symbol. The floor’s spatial design and objects exhibit the history of Martians’ lives, wars, and power, evoking tension through the coexistence of past and future. The four zones – Women’s Zone, Men’s Zone, Soft Corner, and Fashion Accessories Zone – feature the latest accessories and apparel from the industry’s top brands.

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2F Common Area

在二层公共区域,由Xu Zhen创作的雕塑与Daniel Rozin的动力企鹅在人造的未来景观中彼此互动。由浅到暗的空间营造出相互矛盾又充满奇特张力的氛围,为客人们带来非同寻常的体验。

On the second floor’s common area, Xu Zhen’s sculptures and Daniel Rozin’s kinetic penguins interact within the artificial landscape of the future. The first floor’s space, shifting from light to dark, presents visitors with an unusual experience as the conflicting ambience causes strange tension.

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3F Common Area 

三层的公共区域是“对不断发展的数字世界的希冀与恐惧”与“对逝去的模拟世界的渴望”相互交汇的十字路口。乘坐扶梯到达三层后,游客们将走入一个航天器内部,在这里,一位老者正坐在桌前与对面的人工智能探讨火星基地的建设。未来的人类试图在火星上创造新的定居点,它们通过重建景观来追溯自己的过去。“数字-模拟 未来”的概念贯穿了商场的所有区域,包括将不同店铺连接在一起的公共空间,从而创造出一个完整而连贯的世界。

The third floor’s common area presents an intersection between the “Anticipation and Fear of the Developing Digital World” and a “Longing for the Lost Analog World.” Stepping off the escalator onto the third floor, visitors arrive inside a spacecraft where an elderly man sits across a table from an AI, discussing the construction of a new Mars base. People of the future, in their attempts to create a new settlement on Mars, have recreated these landscapes in order to trace back to their past. The concept “Digital-Analog Future” permeates all areas of the department store, including public spaces connecting different shops, to provide a holistic and consistent world for visitors.

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The third floor’s Select Shop features a shoe retailer depicting “Mars Rediscovery.” The future after the future. A new species of digitalized humans examine their history through past media and relics of the first settlement on Mars. To commemorate their ancestors, future Martians erect a peculiar speaker object, a symbol of media for old Mars, in the center of the store. The floor, divided into Contemporary Zone, Designer Zone, Sneaker Zone, and Active Zone, is comprised of the trendiest shoes and visions of the future.

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Gentle Monster空间


未来人类 – Gentle Monster旗舰店
Next Humankind – Gentle Monster

位于三层的Gentle Monster旗舰店以“未来人类”为主题,展开了一段关于未来人类在火星和地球间的虫洞中穿梭的想象。进入这个奇妙的世界,时间以惊人的速度流逝,访客们能够看到虫洞能量所留下的痕迹。内部的动态装置形象地演绎了因受虫洞能量影响而发生扭曲的人体和物品的形态。

The space is about the imagination of a new humankind traveling through a wormhole between Mars and Earth. At the front of the space lies an abnormal digital clock moving at a breathtaking speed. This clock shows the remaining length of time people can stay inside the wormhole. Visitors step into the wormhole experiencing a surreal transition to a new world. When passing the portal, one can witness the trace of energy drawn by the force of the wormhole. The installation of a distorted body and the disfigured furniture articulates the force inside the wormhole that creates the warp in our physical reality.

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NUDAKE dessert store

作为此次入驻的亮点之一,由Gentle Monster打造的艺术甜品NUDAKE于SKP-S开设了其全球第一家旗舰店,并推出了12款以“火星幻想”为主题的艺术甜品,带来非同一般的视觉与味觉盛宴。

Nudake is an artistic dessert brand from Gentle Monster, combining fashion and art to create unique desserts. We believe our desserts will make new fantasy for you. Opening of Mars Café in Beijing SKP-S is Nudake’s first official offline store. The twelve desserts created from fantasy of Mars truly are one-of-a-kind taste and shape. Enjoy the artistic desserts made by dreamers of Nudake, at the Mars Café.

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Basement floor – food court

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Sculptures at the entrance

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▼SKP-S外观,SKP-S exterior view ©Gentle Monster

SKP-S, No.86 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
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