Galleria Gwanggyo by OMA

A new visual anchor in Gwanggyo city

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由OMA/克里斯·范杜恩(Chris van Duijn)设计的Galleria百货公司在首尔南部的新市镇光教正式开幕。 Galleria光教店位于这新城市发展区的中心,周围被高层住宅包围着,石块般的外形赋予其自然气质,使之成为光教居民生活的一个焦点。

The Galleria is Korea’s first and largest upscale department store franchise founded in the 1970s, and has remained at the forefront of the premium retail market in the country since then.

▼项目概览,overall view ©Hong Sung Jun / OMA


The store in Gwanggyo—a new town just south of Seoul—is the sixth branch of Galleria. Located at the center of this young urban development surrounded by tall residential towers, the Galleria’s stone-like appearance makes it a natural point of gravity for public life in Gwanggyo.

The store is located between the Suwon Gwanggyo Lake Park and ubiquitous buildings in the city: an intersection between nature and the urban environment. The store has a textured mosaic stone façade that evokes nature of the neighbouring park. Appearing as a sculpted stone emerging from the ground, the store is a visual anchor in the city.

▼坐落在新城市发展区中心的Galleria百货公司,Galleria Gwanggyo is located at the center of this young urban development ©Hong Sung Jun / OMA

▼富有肌理和质感的马塞克石材外立面,the textured mosaic stone façade ©Hong Sung Jun / OMA

▼立面图,elevations ©OMA


▼概念示意,Galleria concept ©OMA

The public route has a multifaceted glass façade that contrasts with the opacity of the stone. Through the glass, retail and cultural activities inside are revealed to the city’s passers-by, while visitors in the interior acquire new vantage points to experience Gwanggyo. Formed with a sequence of cascading terraces, the public loop offers spaces for exhibitions and performances.

A place where retail and culture, city and nature collide, Galleria in Gwanggyo offers a get away from the predictability of shopping.

▼宝石般的多棱玻璃立面与不透光的石材形成强烈对比,the multifaceted glass façade contrasts with the opacity of the stone ©Hong Sung Jun / OMA

▼内部视角,view from inside ©Hong Sung Jun / OMA

▼体验光教城市风光的一个全新观景点,visitors in the interior acquire new vantage points to experience Gwanggyo ©Hong Sung Jun / OMA

▼内部空间,interior view ©Hong Sung Jun / OMA


OMA协理金刹迪(Ravi Kamisetti)表示:“这个公共环路将通常隐藏在商业建筑内的顾客购物活动变为可见的、有形的,展露予外部城市,让Galleria与光教城镇生活紧密联系在一起。”

▼公众环路,the public loop ©Hong Sung Jun / OMA

韩华Galleria总裁及首席执行官Eun Soo Kim表示:“Galleria光教店是Galleria近十年以来开设的最大百货分店,作为提供高级MD系列及最佳贵宾设施与服务的核心分店,它将发挥关键作用。此外,通过与世界级建筑师OMA的合作,我们收获了一座在国内外广受好评的创新建筑。其设计有别于传统百货商店形式,采取了通过公共环路将光线传导至大楼各部位的崭新模式。Galleria光教店将会是最美百货大楼,有望成为代表韩国乃至世界的一座独特的地标,为顾客提供新颖的购物体验。”

▼夜间全景,exterior view by night ©Hong Sung Jun / OMA

▼各层平面图,plans ©OMA

▼内部空间轴测,void tower axo ©OMA

项目由合伙人克里斯·范杜恩、协理金刹迪及项目建筑师苏比妮(Patrizia Zobernig)带领设计。本地执行建筑师为Gansam。

Galleria in Gwanggyo
Location: Gwanggyo, Korea
Client: Hanwha Galleria
Status: Completed
Milestones: Commission, 2016; SD, 2016; DD, 2017; CD, 2017, CA 2018; Interior Design 2018
Program: Retail
Above Ground: 73,721m2
Below Ground: 63,492m2
Partner in Charge: Chris van Duijn
Associate: Ravi Kamisetti
Project leader: Patrizia Zobernig
Concept phase: Mark Bavoso, Alan Lau, James Lee, Slobodan Radoman, Tianyu Su, John Thurtle
Schematic design: Mark Bavoso, James Lee, John Thurtle
Design development: Ikki Kondo, James Lee, Daan Ooievaar, Slobodan Radoman, John Thurtle
Interior Design: Nils Axen, Simon Bastien, Tommaso Bernabo, Minjung Cho, Felicia Gambino, Nicola Ho, Meng
Huang, Zhenke Jin, Richard Leung, Ioana Pricop, Junsik Oh, Calvin Yue
Executive Architect: Gansam
Contractor: Hanwha Engineering&Construction corp.
Facade Consultant: VS-A
Curtain wall consultant (smart node): Withworks
Model Maker: Edelsmid Emile Estourgie with Yasuhito Hirose and Made by Mistake, RJ Models
Model Photographer: Frans Parthesius

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