GALGEN住宅加建,卢森堡 / 2001




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The extension of this house of the 1930s assumes its add-on character by doubling entrance stairs and roof in a resolutely different architectural language.

▼项目外观,external view of the project ©Maxime Delvaux

▼加建的透明体块,additional glazed pavilion ©Maxime Delvaux

▼加建的入口楼梯,doubled entrance stairs ©Maxime Delvaux


▼轴测图,axonometric ©2001

A covered path runs along a translucent glass wall to reach the back of the house. Large earthworks freed up the space needed for a rectangular terrace. Like a royal square in an urban environment, this pure geometry imposes itself and articulates the various adjacent conditions; the existing house, the various neighbors, the important slope, the landscapes. The roof then becomes the only architectural instrument: an exoskeleton metal structure frees the interior space, integrates the techniques and a green complex.

▼通往建筑后侧的小路,path towards the rear plot of the house ©Maxime Delvaux


The new construction emphasizes the misalignment between house and rear plot by resolutely appropriating this orientation of the garden. The old kitchen houses the cabinets, fridge and a storage room in furniture made of raw wood fiberboard tinted in the mass. On the edge of the furniture, where the old facade was demolished, ovens and other kitchen instruments open to the extension. The new kitchen is designed as a sideboard floating in the glazed pavilion. Entirely made of stainless steel, the element meets the demands of the kitchen but also fits discreetly into the daily life of the owners.

▼通透的加建体块与露台相连,transparent extension connected with the terrace ©Maxime Delvaux

▼从旧建筑看向新厨房,view to the new kitchen from the old house ©Maxime Delvaux

▼从橱柜看向新厨房,view to the new kitchen from the cabinets ©Maxime Delvaux

▼新厨房由一个悬浮的不锈钢餐柜组成,the new kitchen is composed of a floating stainless steel sideboard ©Maxime Delvaux

kitchen instruments opening to the new kitchen ©Maxime Delvaux


The piazza, materialized in terrazzo tiles, covers the outside of the terrace as much as the interior of the pavilion of the new kitchen. Above, the metal exoskeleton structure of the roof incorporates the techniques, frees the space and protects from bad weather and sun. The underside is clad in native wood slats enhancing acoustics and bringing natural warmth to the otherwise austere interior, framing the sloping garden.

▼新厨房与露台由水磨石地砖覆盖,new kitchen and the terrace covered by terrazzo tiles ©Maxime Delvaux

view to the terrace and the sloping garden, wood slats at the soffit of the roof creating a warm atmosphere ©Maxime Delvaux

▼花园,garden ©Maxime Delvaux

planters and stairs following the slope ©Maxime Delvaux

▼细部,details ©Maxime Delvaux

▼平面图,plan ©2001

▼剖面图,section ©2001

IG: 2001tbsi
TEAM : Philippe Nathan, Sergio Carvalho, Julie Lorang, Julie Moret, Camille Lamelliere
CLIENT: private, Mme G.
LOCATION: Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg
DATE: 2014 – 2019
PHOTOGRAPHY: Maxime Delvaux

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