Galeries Lafayette opening in istanbul plajer & franz studio

French charm meets turkish flair.

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Lafayette is located at emaar square, an emerging quarter in the asian part of the turkish metropolis. A modern french atmosphere sets an ideal scenery for customers to discover a luxurious world of cosmetics, accessories & jewelry, handbags, fashion, shoes, apparel for kids and homewares.

▼商城入口外观,entrance view


Galeries Lafayette istanbul is the first department store to be opened after the new corporate branding had been introduced. Therefore a modern and clear design language had to match the department store group’s unmistakable style. Newly interpreted design elements, interesting mixtures of materials, special lighting scenarios and color accents create a distinctive shopping experience. At the exterior, french panels are “engraved” into the deep bronze window frames at the main entrance. Indoor façades made of either wood or sandblasted glass with varnished rears transform into exclusive ‘shop windows’ for the sub-brands, adding a continuous line of Galeries Lafayettes’ ci language throughout the entire store. Individual furniture designs, complemented by selected antiquities, create a private atmosphere. Eventually natural daylight has made its come back setting pleasant accents along the window facades.

▼区域分明的内部环境,the store area is clearly distinguished

直径达20米长的中庭成为该购物商城的设计亮点。由plajer & franz studio设计的,重达80吨的抛光钢棱镜面穹顶凌驾于该中庭之上。该中庭穹顶采用全新的激光切割技术,是对法国老佛爷商城穹顶的艺术化呈现,也是美丽和高科技的化身。

The highlight of the design concept is a 20 meter wide atrium. Situated above, plajer & franz studio designed an extraordinary cupola, made of polished steel prisms, that had been pressed with a pressure of 80 tons. Patterned with a new laser-cut technique, the “coupole” is an artistic interpretation of the famous cupola at the retailers’ headquarters in paris. The result: an exceptional installation, connecting high-tech and beauty.

▼中庭拥有抛光钢棱镜面穹顶,the cupola is made of polished steel prisms

▼穹顶采用全新的激光切割技术,the pattern uses a new laser-cut technique

直观导示系统是购物商城的室内设计难点。与设置中央轴线这种惯用手法不同的是,plajer & franz采用对比性材料来强调不同的空间环境,让顾客感受到场景的变化。天然石材地板将步行通道分别开来,商店区域由木质地板铺设。装饰性的照明及天花板材让售货区与众不同。

In general, installing an intuitive guidance system is one of the great challenges in department store designs. Apart from designing visual axes across the building, plajer & franz used contrasting materials and highlighting elements to provide superior guidance for the customers. Natural stone flooring with different patterns dominate the catwalks, store areas are laid with wooden flooring. Decorative luminaires, joints and ceiling sails mark the sales and highlight areas.

▼商品销售区采用木质地板,store areas are laid with wooden flooring

▼步行通道采用天然石材地板铺设,natural stone flooring with different patterns dominate the catwalks

▼独特的天花装饰创造营造不同的区域氛围, the unique decoration

▼试衣间,fitting room


plajer & franz与法国老佛爷商城的合作最早开始于2005年。从柏林老佛爷商城,到雅加达再到伊斯坦布尔均出自plajer & franz之手。直到最近plajer & franz studio才被委任设计伊斯坦布尔第二家购物商城。该商城位于vadistanbul购物中心葱郁的绿荫环境里,并将为当地及国际游客带来别样的购物体验。

plajer & franz has been developing brand architecture for french luxury department store group Galeries Lafayette since 2005. After redesigns for Galeries Lafayette berlin, the overall planning of department store jakarta was followed by department store Galeries Lafayette Istanbul. Only recently brand architects plajer & franz studio was commissioned to design a second department store in istanbul. The new department store will be located at vadistanbul shopping centre, in an ideally situated lush green retail complex addressing to local and international customers.

▼底层平面图,ground floor plan

adress: emaar square ünalan mahallesi, ayazma cd. no:78 34700 üsküdar/ istanbul republic of turkey
store design: plajer & franz studio erkelenzdamm 59-61 / 10999 berlin
creative agencies: lichtspiel, hamburg (lichtdesigner)
local architect: YOO ARCHITECTURE, istanbul
shop fitter: arco advanced shopfitting, istanbul mob size, istanbul
light: nordic light (spotlights) , elkan (local supplier)
photo: plajer & franz studio

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