Full-Scale Installation for Brisbane Airport Expansion by UAP

huge ornaments of human movements

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布里斯班机场(BAC)邀请格里菲斯(Griffith University)大学和昆士兰艺术学院的学生为其扩建的国际航站楼构思新的艺术品设计。该竞赛旨在支持和展示本地设计人才的作品,并会给予获奖学生丰厚的奖励。最终,该竞赛会选取五位入围者的作品,并颁发给每位获奖学生5000美元的奖金奖励,而最高获奖者将会获得20,000美元的奖励。UAP与BAC已成功合作完成了多项公共艺术项目,并致力于协助艺术家实现一系列他们的设计。

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) invited students of Griffith University: Queensland College of Art to submit concepts for a new artwork commission as part of the expansion of Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal. The competition was established to support and showcase local talent and is believed to be the most lucrative student art prize ever offered in Australia. Five finalists were considered for the prize with the runners-up each receiving $5000 and the winner $20 000. UAP has a strong history of successful public art collaborations with BAC and were engaged to assist with artist selection, design development, fabrication and installation of this project.

▼位于布里斯班机场的装置艺术品,installation artwork at Brisbane Airport

专家小组最终选择了视觉艺术硕士学生Michael Phillips的作品。该作品将机场想象为充满活力的文化会议中心,设计师以放大木版印刷为设计概念,并通过数字印刷在乙烯板上制作完成整套作品。这一巨大的作品占据整个90米的墙面,创造出属于自己的视觉语言,与人类的运动形态相呼应。在整个项目阶段,UAP积极与业主和艺术家三方合作,将获胜的作品转化为真正大胆的作品,安装在场地上,让每天成千上万的旅行者都能欣赏到这个特别的作品。

▼装置与人类的运动形态相呼应,installation that echoes human forms and movement

Master of Visual Art student Michael Phillips was chosen by an expert panel as the winning artist. Referencing airports as vibrant cultural meeting places his concept uses wood block prints that were blown up and digitally printed onto vinyl panels. The monumental work spans 90 meters floor to ceiling, creating its own visual language that echoes human forms and movement. Throughout the project stages, UAP collaborated with both the client and the artist to translate the winning concept into a bold full-scale installation that thousands of travelers will experience daily.

▼设计作品数字印刷在乙烯板上,the work digitally printed onto vinyl panels

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