Forest and House by JHW IROJE architects

Home scattered in the nature.

Project Specs


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The Second Life


The client, who is a professor and an engineer, is facing retirement in three years time. He wants to prepare for this second life, where he will enjoy the surrounding environment in a nature-friendly home.

▼森林中的家,house in the forest


The Yard-less House


A house is built on a small mountain, land borrowed from Mother Nature. The trees are carefully dug up in order to set the house’s foundations. Because the lot is borrowed from nature, the creation of a yard for human pleasure was felt to be unnecessary. There is only a small path leading towards the entrance. As there is no yard, the entire surrounding environment-where one lays his/her eyes becomes the yard.

▼Daeseodang位于山丘上,主要功能为居住,可以眺望远处的风景,Daeseodang is built on a small mountain with view to the distance

▼房屋建造在自然的地形之上,不设人工庭院,house is built on the natural landscape without yard

▼一条小径通向入口,small path connected to the entrance

▼房屋主要由波形钢板和混凝土构成,保证居住的私密性,the house is composed of concrete and corrugated steel panels to ensure living privacy





Scattered Rooms


Each room is widely scattered and placed on the edge of the site. The shell shaped rooms seem to occupy the site at its widest reaches, but they actually take up a minimal land area. The smaller the architecture, the more abundant the relationship with nature. A glass house is placed between the areas of the rooms. A roof panel is placed on top at a tilted angle. Building a glass house that is to be part of nature, allows one to be as close to nature as possible by becoming nature itself.

▼房间以小屋的形式分散在基地上,风格各不相同,Each room is scattered on the site with its own character

▼设计概念及小屋之间的关系,design concept and relationship between the rooms



▼房间之间的流线关系,circulation between different rooms

▼基地模型,玻璃屋(Yeoyeodang)在四栋小屋中间,为主要的起居和会客空间,model showing that Yeoyeodang is built between the areas of the rooms, which is the main building for social events

▼从Daeseodang看向Yeoyeodang,view of Yeoyeodang from Daeseodang

▼玻璃立面使建筑和自然融为一体,the glass house becomes part of the nature

▼通透的建筑建在自然的地形上,transparent building built on the natural landscape





The Forest and the House


The forest shares the house and the house shares the forest by allowing one to step out from the functional spaces of life. The social relationship transforms the act of occupation to an act of sharing, becoming the starting point for the client’s second life.


Jego – 工作
Jego – workspace

▼因势随形的坡屋顶使建筑隐于自然之中,sloped roofs corresponded to the landscape, hiding the building in the nature






Nokjung – 浴室
Nokjung – bathroom

▼建筑四面由混凝土围合,墙面之间形成向上的景观视野,the room is enclosed by concrete with view to the sky between the walls






Chungbang – 客房
Chungbang – guestroom

▼粗犷的砖立面融于自然之中,rough brick walls corresponded with the nature





Project Name: Forest and House
Architects: JHW IROJE architects(Jung, Hyo-won)
Design Team: Lee, Jung-min, Jo Hyunwoo
Location: 45-13, Ha-ri, Sunchang-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Programme: Detached house
Site area: 3,306.1㎡
Building area: 203.24㎡
Gross floor area: 1217.42㎡
Building scope: Yeoyeodang – B1, 1F; Daseodang – B1; Nokjung – 1F; Chungbang – 1F; Jego – 1F
Parking: 2
Height: 7m
Building to land ratio: 6.14%
Floor area ratio: 6.14%

Yeoyeodang, Daseodang, Nokjung – Reinforced concrete
Jego – Masonry
Exterior finishing
Yeoyeodang – Exposed concrete
Daseodang – Exposed concrete, Corrugated steel sheet
Nokjung – Exposed concrete
Chungbang – Fieldstone(bluestone)
Jego – Exposed concrete, cement block

Structure engineer: Seoul Structural Engineering & Consulting Co.,Ltd
Construction: Youngchang Construction
Mechanical engineer: Kwanduk mec
Electrical engineer: Woolim electronical engineering & consulting
Lighting engineer: Newlite Architectural Lighting Design & Imports
Design period: July. 2013 – Mar. 2014
Construction period: May. 2015 – Apr. 2016
Completion: Apr. 2016
Photographer: Kim, Yong-kwan
Modelling: Jo Guenyoung, Kim Jinah

English Text: Jung Hyo-Won
Chinese Text: gooood

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