Flagship Branch Bank DSK by DA architects

Interior space redefining banking environment

Project Specs

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Looking for a different perception of the environment, typical for a bank branch, our studio developed a detailed concept for the renovation of DSK Bank network. We completed the pilot design of a centrally located bank office, opened for customers at the beginning of 2017.

▼项目概览,project overview


We moved the functional units from their common location in the center of the office to its periphery, in order to make room for a spacious and open common area. The function of the separate units defines the dynamics of the surrounding walls, bringing the interior to life and integrating aesthetics and usability.

▼自由而开敞的公共空间,spacious and open common area

▼与侧边墙体结合的功能服务区,functional units located at periphery walls


Both long sides of the surrounding walls are covered with white vertical louvers, intersected by a dynamic green strip. The strip forms concave spaces with diverse height and depth.

▼内凹空间形成高低及深度不同的功能服务区,functional units formed within concave spaces in diverse height and depth

▼功能服务区细部,functional units details


The cavity behind the louvers, above and below the green niches, is used to hide and integrate most of the required systems and devices. Being a public space with orthogonal shape, flat and solid floor and ceiling, the branch required more thoughtful treatment of the walls in order to achieve acoustic comfort. The vertical louvers and the variously oriented upholstered panels contribute to the good acoustics.

▼百叶后方空间负责所需系统设备的排布置放,the cavity behind the louvers provide spaces for required systems and devices

▼不同方位的软垫墙面和竖向百叶为空间带来更加优质的声学环境,vertical louvers and variously oriented upholstered panels achieve acoustic comfort


The bank’s branch is an open space that combines consultants’ desks, waiting areas and a few self-service or informational devices. Consultants’ desks are designed as blocks, shaped by stainless steel panels, styled as the polygonal green strip, which makes them look like they are extracted from it. The video consulting module is also designed as a solid volume that revolves around a vertical axis, in order to be suitable for disabled people.

▼多边形的咨询台有如从墙面剥离而出的个体,polygonal shaped consultants’ desks look like the extracted parts from the green strip wall

▼多边形咨询台与立面元素形成统一,consultants’ desks utilizing similar geometry language with the wall surface structure

▼多边形的咨询台细部,detail of consultant’s desk

▼位于角落的多边形视频咨询模块,the video consulting module located at corner

▼视频咨询模块细部,closed-up look to the video consulting module


A private consultation room is situated at the end of the bank office, separated from the rest of the area by a glass wall that switches in seconds into non-transparent mode.

▼私人咨询室的玻璃墙面可瞬间切换到不透明状态,glass wall of private consultation room can be switched in seconds into non-transparent mode

▼私人咨询室内部空间,interior view of the private consultation room

已落成的银行旗舰店简洁而有形的设计与周边购物中心铺装华丽,色彩缤纷的商业空间形成鲜明对比,它的独特吸引着过往的游客,  材质和纹理的平衡运用,造型上的统一,锐利的几何体以及强烈的色彩处理定义出一个与众不同 ,高贵而又现代的室内空间。

The simple and definitive design of the completed bank office contrasts the ornate and multicolor surrounding of the shopping mall. It distinguishes it and attracts the attention of passers-by. The balanced use of materials and textures, the unified modeling language and the stark geometrical and color accent define a distinct, notable, and contemporary space.

▼设计概念示意,design concept illustration

Client: DSK Bank , OTP Bank
Project location: The Mall, 115 Tsarigradsko shose blvd., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Completion Year: 2017
Area: 275 sq.m.
Lead Architects: Yuri Tanov, Martin Ryashev, Aleksandar Asenov
Photo credits: Minko Minev website: www.minkominev.com

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