Family House in Jinonice by Atelier 111 architekti

A ray of sunshine in a lonely street

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▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view  ©BoysPlayNice

A narrow street, where the sleepy character of old Jinonice is still preserved, broadens out to create a tiny square with a well. It was dominated by an abandoned house, formed by gradual addition of masses. The complex of these small buildings, placed in the sloping garden, was in a very dilapidated uninhabitable state.

▼项目概览及周边环境,overview ©BoysPlayNice

▼街道视角,street view ©BoysPlayNice


▼入口区域地面由原有建筑留下的古老石头打造,the floor of the entrance area is made of ancient stone left over from the original building ©BoysPlayNice

The new design preserves only the oldest part made out of stones oriented towards the street and uses it as an entry to the main living floor in the two new masses. The tallest part is dedicated to the children. All of the living areas, including children´s bedrooms, have a direct connection to the sunlit sloping garden, which is shielded from the street by the mass of the house.

▼一楼起居区域的旋转楼梯,a spiral staircase in the ground floor living area ©BoysPlayNice

▼楼梯细部,details of the spiral staircase ©BoysPlayNice

▼天井走廊区域被打造成书架和画廊,the patio corridor area was transformed into bookshelves and galleries ©BoysPlayNice

▼书架细部,details of the shelf ©BoysPlayNice

▼从室外看书架,view from the outside ©BoysPlayNice


▼起居空间,the living area ©BoysPlayNice

▼起居空间细部,details of the living area ©BoysPlayNice

▼起居空间,the living space ©BoysPlayNice

▼可开合的落地窗,French Windows that can be opened and closed ©BoysPlayNice

▼被滑动木门隔出来的办公空间,office space separated by sliding wooden doors ©BoysPlayNice

The old and the new part are visually unified by the colour of the stucco plaster and by beaver tail ceramic tiles on the roof. The age of the individual parts is revealed by the detail, the original morphology is in a light contrast with the contemporary minimalist form.

▼位于楼层最高处的儿童活动室,the children’s activity room at the top of the floor ©BoysPlayNice

▼卧室,the bed room ©BoysPlayNice

▼建筑衔接空间,the connecting space ©BoysPlayNice

▼项目模型,model  ©Atelier 111 architekti

▼选址平面,site plan ©Atelier 111 architekti

▼首层平面,ground floor plan ©Atelier 111 architekti

▼不同角度立面图、剖面图,elevations and sections ©Atelier 111 architekti

Project location:Prague – Jinonice, Czech Republic
Project year:2016
Completion year:2019
Built-up area:193 m2
Usable floor area:318 m2
Photo credits:BoysPlayNice,
Collaborators:Michal Hamada | construction engineer

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