F1 Paddock Montreal by Les architectes FABG

The rapid renovation of the Expo site

Project Specs


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▼园区概览,campus overview  © Les architectes FABG

As part of a renewal agreement for the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix, the city of Montreal needs to replace the existing temporary structures with a permanent building that will accommodate the needs of the event. The new paddock will include garages for the racing teams, offices for the Fédération internationale de l’automobile (FIA) and the promoter, lounge space for 5000 people, and a multimedia center for journalists and broadcasters. All furniture and equipment are shipped from abroad and installed for the duration of the event. 

▼从赛道区域看向建筑,view to the building from the track area  © Les architectes FABG


▼建筑轴测图,axonometric drawing  © Les architectes FABG

The Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve on Notre-Dame island is on the former site of Expo 67 that has been transformed gradually into a park featuring various attractions such as a casino and a public beach, as well as an Olympic rowing basin and a military museum. The 4 km circuit is used extensively as an informal training track by amateur cyclists.

▼项目概览,overview  © Les architectes FABG

▼4公里长的赛道被业余自行车爱好者用作非正式训练跑道,the 4km track is used as an informal training track by amateur cyclists  © Les architectes FABG


▼建筑部件爆炸轴测图,explosive axial mapping of building components  © Les architectes FABG

To facilitate the completion of the $50M project within the 10 months separating the next two editions of the Grand Prix, the building is an assemblage of prefabricated parts including, concrete panels, steel beams and columns, CLT wood beams and panels, curtain wall and demountable partitions. It can also be dismantled and the material reused in case of termination of the car racing event.

▼建筑后侧视角,rear view of the building  © Les architectes FABG

▼看台和办公区域入口,grandstand and office area access  © Les architectes FABG


▼入口台阶区域,entrance step area  © Les architectes FABG

▼露台与屋顶,balconies and roofs  © Les architectes FABG

In contrast with other international Grand Prix, lounge areas have no exterior walls and no air-conditioning, finishes are bare, solar panels provide electricity for lighting and the building tries to make responsible use of public money. The roof structure will distinguish the Canadian edition and give it an identity based on our collective desire to make a better use of one of our most important natural resources, reminiscence of the daring structures of Expo 67, and commitment toward sustainable development.

▼看台区域,grandstand area  © Les architectes FABG

▼独特的屋顶结构与带座的看台,unique roof structure with seated bleachers  © Les architectes FABG

▼停车场内部,inside the garage  © Les architectes FABG

▼园区平面,site plan  © Les architectes FABG

▼项目平面,plan  © Les architectes FABG

▼剖面图,sections  © Les architectes FABG

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