Extension Building for Gardening Shop Strubobuob by Innauer-Matt Architekten

Raw-surface characterised space.

Project Specs


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Strubobuob 是一家销售家居和庭院用品的精品店,位于奥地利境内的一个名为 Bezau 的村庄里。为了将商店的两处销售空间结合在一起,建筑师为新的园艺商店设计了扩建部分。原有的主楼将进行翻新,结合园艺产品和精品餐具的销售。

Strubobuob is a shop for all things nice and useful around house and garden, located in a former workshop for the reparation of watering cans and other metal ware in the village of Bezau. To bring the business’s two shops, one for gardening and one for tableware, together from two different locations, we were commissioned with the planning of a Gartenwerkstatt (gardening workshop): an addition to the original, recently renovated main building.

▼改造后的外观,appearance of the gardening workshop


The small extension building in the main house’s former garden and the old building now form a shared front yard. From here, a covered entrance area with wide shop windows leads into the shop. Gardening tools and décor are sold on the ground floor while home- and tableware have found a new home in the attic. Two-storey gables on both long sides of the house, a reference to surrounding buildings in the village, create a functional and exciting cross-shaped layout on the inside and a distinctive character on the outside.

▼十字形布局的建筑特征鲜明,distictive character of the cross-shape layout

▼入口橱窗吸引客人的进入,showcases invite customers to explore

▼一体化的落地窗创造出流畅的感官体验,the two-story french window gives an inpressive experience



The interior space of the new extension building is characterised by raw surfaces, an exposed solid wood construction and simple details showcasing the craftsmanship of its builders. The few selected fixtures and the central staircase are made in black steel and take a back seat to the goods on offer. A solid spruce façade and solid fir on the inside walls, polished concrete floors with integrated heating and floorboards in ash wood provide a simple, yet striking space and refer to the building’s origins as a workshop.

▼二层空间中原木材料的内饰,the interior space of the new extension building is characterised by raw surfaces

▼黑色展柜和楼梯衬托了空间中的展品,black-steel fixtures and staircase take a back seat to the goods

▼一层空间的水泥地板和纯粹的空间体验,the polished concrete floor offers a pure interior space


The same idea is represented in the building’s supporting structure. The pre-fabricated timber-frame construction is complemented by non-bearing insulated, foil-free elements in solid wood. All exterior walls and the building’s bearing construction are made from solid wood. In order to keep the disruption of the business in the shop as short as possible, the building was pre-fabricated in a nearby timber construction company. A high degree of prefabrication allows for high-quality constructions at rather short assembly periods in the usually quiet winter months. As the construction site was very close to the carpentry, the upper floor was prefabricated in its entirety and installed on-site with a mobile crane.

▼装配过程,construction process




▼区位,situation plan




Text: IMA

Object: Gardening shop extension building
Location: 6870 Bezau, Vorarlberg, Austria
Client: Jürgen Beer, Gartenwerkstatt Strubobuob
Architects: Innauer-Matt Architekten, 6870 Bezau ///www.innauer-matt.com

Statics: Merz Kley Partner / Gordian Kley, 6850 Dornbirn ///www.mkp-ing.com
Construction supervision: Jürgen Haller, 6881 Mellau ///www.juergenhaller.at

Development period: 01 2016 – 12 2016
Construction: 10 2016 – 03 2017
Floor space: 105sqm shop floor, 50sqm side rooms

– Highest-degree prefabricated wood construction
– Bearing construction in solid wood, walls in solid wood
– No industrially treated woods (glulam)
– Ground floor/upper floor: exposed solid wood construction and walls
– Untreated raw surfaces
– Ground floor: fair-faced concrete
Fixtures: Black steel
– Ground floor/upper floor: thermoactive polished fair-faced concrete
– Upper Floor: untreated solid floorboards in core ash (dry construction)
– Windows: Mullion-transom system, spruce, triple glazing
Façade: Silver fir cladding
Roof: Fibre cement tiles in dark grey

Executing partners:
Construction: Erich Moosbrugger Bau, 6866 Andelsbuch
Carpentry: Kaspar Greber Holz- u. Wohnbau GmbH, 6870 Bezau
Windows: Schwarzmann, das fenster, 6886 Schoppernau
Roof: Felder Dachdeckerei und Fassadenbau, 6866 Andelsbuch
Electrics: Elektro Beer, 6870 Bezau
Plumbing: Dr’Wäldar Installateur, 6870 Bezau
Wood furniture: Tischlerei Greussing, 6870 Bezau
Metal furniture: Figer Metall, 6870 Bezau
Metal staircase: Felder Metall, 6866 Andelsbuch
Wooden floors and stairs: Stipo Fussböden, 6870 Bezau
Concrete polishing: Vigl Floorsysteme, 6883 Au

More: Innauer-Matt Architekten,更多关于他们:Innauer Matt Architekten on gooood.

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