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A form that is unique to the site

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本项目是由epitesz studio出资、设计并建造的第一个小型实验项目。它既是对非传统建筑理念的实践,也是工作室亲手将想法变为现实的一次体验。

The bench is the first small scale experimental project funded, designed and realized by építész stúdió. It was aimed to be a test for unconstrained architectural idea as well as a common experience for the studio in the materialization of a thought by our own hands.


场地位于Szent György-hegy山,拥有可以眺望Balaton湖的绝佳风景。设计团队与葡萄酒节的组织方合作,不以功能限制设计,而是以为游客带来丰富的体验作为目标,打造出一个可以供游客休息和欣赏风景的场所。为了体现出场地的独特性,设计团队以当地葡萄园常见的洋槐树木桩以及山上的玄武岩构造作为主要的材料和灵感来源,并通过简单的方式将这些木桩紧密地排布在一起以构成长椅。虽然每根木桩之间没有任何连接,最终却形成了一个极为舒适的表面。

▼教堂旁的长椅,the bench by the church

We found cooperation with the organizers of a wine festival on Szent György-hegy, a hill overlooking Lake Balaton from the north. Without a specific program we were looking for interventions that can enrich the experience with unordinary solutions. Since the location is uniquely picturesque we proposed creating places of rest, where one can stop and appreciate it. But rather than creating regular benches, we tried to come up with a form, that could be unique to the site, and memorable for the user. Our inspiration came from the material used – acacia pickets commonly used by the local vineyards – and the basalt formation of the hill itself. By simply stacking these pickets close enough to each other the tips provide a surprisingly comfortable surface, without any connection between the elements.

▼贴合场地的设计,a form that is unique to the site

▼供游客歇息并且欣赏绝佳风景,places for people to stop and appreciate the scenery

▼虽然每根木桩之间没有任何连接,最终却形成了一个舒适的表面,a comfortable surface without any connection between the elements



The idea of the benches was interpreted in the form of guide-posts that help navigation at intersections. Each winery was marked by a slightly tilted picket, parallel to each other, so the signals are easily extendable.


▼木桩微微倾斜指向不同的酒庄,each winery was marked by a slightly tilted picket

Completion date: 2019
Project team: építész stúdió

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