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Smith Vigeant Architects公司和BGLA | 建筑+城市设计合作完成了位于Ahuntsic-Cartierville行政区的Christ-Roi小学扩建。 扩建部分新增三个楼层,包括九间教室、一个幼儿园、一个日托所和一个体育馆。扩建部分结合既有建筑的设计原则,并重新定义学校与周围环境的关系,创造出和谐的布局。 在街道上,雕塑般的体量标榜着新大厅及其社交和活跃功能。两座建筑围绕巨大的中央楼梯而建,楼梯在阳光的笼罩下添上一抹光辉。 楼梯在扩建部分和既有学校之间建立起新的联系,同时提供了舒适有趣的社交空间。 门厅在社区、日托服务和校园之间创造了宽敞而友好的过渡空间。为了顺利实施,扩建遵循既有建筑的设计原则,即:具有砖砌立面的简洁矩形体量。

Smith Vigeant Architects Inc. and BGLA | architecture + urban design in consortium completed the expansion of the Christ-Roi Elementary School, located in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville Borough. The expansion added three new floors, which include: nine classrooms, a kindergarten, a daycare service, and a gymnasium. Creating a harmonious composition, the extension incorporates the principles of the existing building and redefines the school’s relationship with its context. On the street, a sculpted volumetry announces the new hall, as well as the social and active functions. The two buildings are built around a vast central staircase covered in natural light and the radiance of colors. The staircase clearly ensures the new links with the existing school while providing a comfortable and fun socializing space. The entrance hall creates a generous and friendly transition space between the neighborhood, the daycare service, and the schoolyard. In order to have a harmonious implementation, the extension follows the existing building principles: a simple rectangular volume with a brick facade.

▼临街外观,street view © Stéphane Brügger

▼具有砖砌立面的简洁矩形体量,the simple rectangular volume with a brick facade © Stéphane Brügger


Open and interactive place

底层扩建部分具有更加开放和动态的形式。 它与既有建筑、操场和街区建立了功能性和娱乐性联系。一系列减法塑造出的体量定义了重要的功能场所,即:新的接待大厅及其宽阔的前院、与街道和操场相连的日托所以及体育馆。

The ground floor of the expansion is developed in a more open and dynamic way. It establishes functional and convivial links with the existing building, the schoolyard, the street, and the neighborhood. A series of subtractions sculpt the volume to define significant and functional places, namely: the new reception hall and its large exterior forecourt, the daycare service-connected to both the street and the schoolyard, as well as the gymnasium.

▼操场,the schoolyard © Stéphane Brügger

▼色彩缤纷的立面,the colorful facade © Stéphane Brügger


Connection and centrality


It is through the central hall that the new and old connect. Located in the center of the newly enlarged school, the hall acts as a hub for traffic and links between floors, between the neighborhood and the schoolyard. Offering generous transparency between the reception area on Lajeunesse Street and the schoolyard, the hall provides a luminous common area, connecting the corridors of the old and the new. In addition to facilitating orientation within the new wing, this central hall assures a better understanding of the place and its environment.

▼从楼梯望向不同楼层 © Stéphane Brügger
view to different floors from the stairs

▼交通空间,the circulation area © Stéphane Brügger

▼仰视楼梯,looking up the staircase © Stéphane Brügger


Volumetry, materials, and active design


The facade on Lajeunesse Street affirms the institutional character of the building. To keep a coherent whole, a similar brick facade was chosen. The modulation of the facade marks three major entities of the project in the public space, namely: the new hall and the main entrance to the daycare service, as well as the gymnasium. The ground floor is deliberately more open on the new schoolyard, contributing also to a lively relation at the street level, thus defining a new and generous interactive public space.

▼走廊,the corridor © Stéphane Brügger

▼体育馆,the gymnasium © Stéphane Brügger

▼卫生间,the restroom © Stéphane Brügger


On the schoolyard side, transparency and color are more expressed, offering a personalized character to the institution and its active schoolyard. Aluminum panels in different shades of red and orange, create a link with the red color of the existing doors and windows, but also with the surrounding context. This colorful facade makes its presence a principal element in the interior of the lobby but subtly asserts itself on Lajeunesse Street.

▼沿街夜景,night view along the street © Stéphane Brügger

Project name: Expansion of Christ-Roi Elementary School
Location: Montreal
Client: Centre de services scolaire de Montréal (CSSDM)
Architects/designers: BGLA | architecture + urban design and Smith Vigeant Architects Inc.
Lead Architects: Martin Brière and Daniel Smith
Team: Stéphan Vigeant, Alexandre Savignet, Marianne Lapalme, Sabrina Charbonneau, Jessica Moore, Martin Brière, Daniel Smith, Cindy Neveu, Cécilia Chen
Engineers: EXP
Landscape Architect: Rousseau Lefebvre
Contractor: Blenda Construction
Suppliers: Montréal Briques et Pierres, Henry, Soprema, Multiplis, Revêtement Fortin, Vitrerie Claude, Menuiserie Des Pins, Création N M, CertainTeed, Armstrong, Stonhard, A/D Fire Protection Systems, Moderco
Lighting Designer: Lumen
Project sector: Institutional
Budget: 12,3 M$
Area: 5,501 m2
Project finish date: June 2020
Photograph: Stéphane Brügger

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