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俄罗斯首次在莫斯科现代艺术博物馆举办了雅克·利普希茨(Jacques Lipchitz的个展。雅克·利普希茨是20世界雕塑界的重要人物,巴黎学派的领军人,更是阿梅德奥·莫迪利亚尼(Amedeo Modigliani),沙伊姆·索丁(ChaïmSoutine)和巴勃罗·毕加索(Pablo Picasso)的密友。该活动是以色列国家基金会成立70周年庆典的一部分。


 ▼展馆1概览,overview of one exhibition room © Polina Poludkina

 ▼作品配以文字说明,art works with text description © Polina Poludkina

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents for the first time in Russia an extensive solo exhibition of Jacques Lipchitz, a major personality in the 20th century sculpture, a foremost figure in the School of Paris, a close friend of Amedeo Modigliani, Chaïm Soutine and Pablo Picasso. The project is a part of the 70th anniversary celebration of the Israel State foundation. 

The exhibition at the MMOMA will introduce the Moscow public to the art of one of the most significant sculptors of the 20th century. Besides, it will be a historic event for the world art scene, and rightfully so, as Lipchitz, a Franco-American artist of Jewish origin, was born in the Russian Empire, and now an extensive display of his works will be open in Russia for the first time ever.

 ▼展馆2,another exhibition room © Polina Poludkina

 ▼独具风格的雕塑作品,unique sculpture © Polina Poludkina


▼展馆间的连接,connection of different rooms © Polina Poludkina

▼雕塑作品,sculpture works © Polina Poludkina

The project Jacques Lipchits (1891-1973). A Retrospectiveis a progressive immersion into the creation of the artist whose oeuvre is intrinsically connected with the crucial events of the 20th century that overturned the very course of the world history. Progressing through the display, the viewer witnesses the changes in the style of Lipchitzs works, as he/she lives throughthe epoch. The artists manner evolves from naturalistic traditions to Cubism, and then to a less formalised style of his urban sculptures, which dwell on the complex mixture of mythological and religious motifs.The Cubist traditions are coherently expressed in Lipchitzs artworks. If he developed the basics of Cubist sculptural vocabulary at the beginning of his artistic career, later on the artist used these practices to create his unique plastic style, his music of space.

▼用镜子呈现特殊观感 ,use a mirror to present a special view © Polina Poludkina

▼展品细节,detail of the works © Polina Poludkina


 Over 100 works displayed at the MMOMA, including sculptures, drawings in Indian ink, crayons and pencil, form a meditation on the existential expression of the 20th century sculpture, its place in the present-day culture and the milieu where the artist formed over the period of his career. Geometric studies and sketches, commissioned artworks, and Cubist sculptures go together with works on paper, including drawings of independent design. The dynamical rhythm of the display is supplied not only by Lipchitzs artwork but as well by the fragments from his diaries, photos and objects 

▼展览中的画作和有关艺术家的照片,paintings and photos related to artists © Polina Poludkina

▼展馆平面,plan © Masterskaya Be

Project Name: Exhibition Jacques Lipchitz. ‘A Retrospective’
Architecture Firm: Masterskaya Be
Website: www.masterskaya.be
Contact e-mail: sdobrovsky@gmail.com
Architecture Firm Instagram: @masterskaya.be
Firm Location: Moscow / Russia
Completion Year: 2018
Project location: Moscow, Russia
Photo credits: Polina Poludkina

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