Installation Pyramid Sphere and Pyramid Tube by Cyril Lancelin (town and concrete)

An experience on matter and form

Project Specs


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球体金字塔(Pyramid Sphere)和管道金字塔(Pyramid Tube)是由法国艺术家Cyril Lancelin为在美国费城举办的Made in America艺术节所创作的两个装置作品。

The Pyramid Sphere and Pyramid Tube were created by the French artist Cyril Lancelin, curated by Art Production Fund for the Made in America Festival, created by JayZ, in Philadelphia.

▼球体金字塔,Pyramid Sphere

▼管道金字塔,Pyramid Tube


Pyramid Sphere is a pyramid pierced by three cylindrical holes that intersect. It is composed of hundreds of juxtaposed inflatable balloons of same size randomly distributed. From different spheres, a pyramid is created.  The tunnel in the center of the pyramid allows to have a view on the outside from the pyramid and the pyramid also becomes transparent from the outside. It is an experience on matter and form.


Pyramid Tube is created by multiples tubes placed in differents directions inside the volume of a pyramid. It allows visitors to get inside it, and it offers multiple views from inside and from outside.


The pyramids are pink to get the maximum of visibility in different sites. The attraction is inside it but the outside catch the light with those hundreds of spheres or with those tubes in all directions, becoming another lighting experience too. The artworks are designed to draw the visitor in; it is more than 2 objects to view, it is a place to be experienced. Pop Culture meets contemporary thinking in a work that invites social media.


site of the project: Made in America Festival, Philadelphia, USA.
date : exhibition at Made In America Festival founded by JayZ, 1st and 2nd of September 2018, Philadelphia, USA. Curated by Art Production Fund, NYC.
client: Made In America Festival, Rocnation.
producer: Art Prodcution Fund and Christopher Wangro
manufacturer/producer: Landmarck Creations
credits: Cyril Lancelin / town and concrete
images: town and concrete

More: town and concrete。更多关于他们:town and concrete on gooood

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