EMERGENCE LAB by Thomas Medicus

Cool hand-painted deformation sculpture

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艺术家Thomas Medicus创作了这组酷毙了的“Emergence Lab” 变形雕塑,将216个侧面激光切割的亚克力纵横交错拼合成一个完美的立方体。立方体的六个表面,每个都能展现出一副画像,但是你只能从一个特定的点看。整个雕塑在这种图像完整,但是又接着破碎的过程中充满魔力。更多的精彩还是看下方视频。

视频 VIDEO,网速慢就点击下方的HD,调整到360或者270


The “Emergence Lab” is a hand painted anamorphic sculpture.
Its title refers to a phenomenon called emergence.
Through a plug system made out of 216 laser cut acrylic glass strips, a cubic framework, which contains layers pointing towards all three spatial dimensions, is created.
On each side of the cube there is one anamorphic painting that can always only be seen from one point. Since every figure fills the exact same surface as its counterpart on the opposite side, the rear image is covered while looking at one figure.
Before painting the fragments of the images separately on the strips with acrylic paint, the segmentation has been planned entirely. In order to prevent irritating reflections within the strips, the sculpture floats in silicone oil. (2015)

EMERGENCE LAB - 04 figur totale副本

EMERGENCE LAB - 04 hirsch totale

EMERGENCE LAB - 04 portrait totale

EMERGENCE LAB - 05 würfel 3

EMERGENCE LAB - 05 würfel 1

EMERGENCE LAB - 05 würfel closeup

EMERGENCE LAB - work in progress 1

EMERGENCE LAB - work in progress 2

EMERGENCE LAB - work in progress 3

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