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Movable glazed box creates diversity of space and function

Project Specs


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▼办公空间外观,exterior of the working space

This is the project of the working space of Edgelab. It was originally a store space with a storey height of 6m and has been divided into two storeys with a steel sandwich panel. The ground floor is the T.E.M.P art space, outfitted with a bar, meeting space, washrooms and exhibition installations, while the mezzanine floor is used as the daily working space of Edgelab.

▼前门,the front door

本设计的出发点是希望一层T.E.M.P艺术空间具备功能的多样性,可以用作会议、展览、办公、娱乐活动、及产品展示的功能。因此,我们设置了一个玻璃的可移动的会议空间(Meeting box),利用会议空间的前后左右的位置移动,产生出多种不同尺度的空间,达到多样的空间布置的可能性。

▼多功能布置,multifunction layout

The design conception is that the ground floor where the T.E.M.P art space is located has a variety of functions and can be used for different purposes such as conferences exhibition, office, entertainment, and product display. Therefore, a glass movable Meeting box is set up, which can be moved based on the layout of the meeting space so that a variety of different scales of space can be created and diverse spatial arrangements can be made.

▼入口前厅,entrance lobby

▼前台,front desk

▼可移动玻璃会议空间,a glass movable meeting box

▼会议空间可以前后左右的移动,产生多种不同尺度的空间,使空间布置具有多样性,meeting box can be moved so that a variety of different scales of space and diverse spatial arrangements can be made

▼会议室近观,view of the meeting box


In order to ensure that the ground floor is pillar-free, the construction of the steel sandwich panel adopts the structure of self-designed steel hanging pillar. Meanwhile, the interactions and communications between the ground floor and the mezzanine are strengthened by the hollow hole on the second floor. Thanks to these holes, the middle section of the ground floor is better lighted, and the ventilation of the entire space is improved. At the front and back of the building, a large area of glass is installed to ensure that there is sufficient light in the interior space. Moreover, the most unique feature is the long horizontal window that provides a wide view of the large greenery landscape around the building.

▼一层楼梯通向钢结构的夹层空间,stairs on the ground floor to the steel sandwich panel

▼紧靠楼梯的夹层部分概览,the area on the mezzanine next to the stairs

▼从楼梯方向看办公空间- 夹层采用了自行设计的钢吊柱结构形式,view from the stairs to the working area-the mezzanine adopts the structure of self-designed steel hanging pillar

▼楼梯前的办公空间,working area in front of the stairs

▼横向长窗将建筑物周边大片绿化景观充分引入室内,the long horizontal window that provides a wide view of the large greenery landscape around the building

▼采光充沛的办公空间,working area with abundant light

▼休闲区,lounge area


As for the materials used for the design, we hope to preserve the original appearance of the concrete, steel mezzanine floor and plywood. The touch-up details are showed directly , and the appearance directly expresses the beauty of the structure. With a large area of vacant space, the entire space reflects a rational and simple feeling.

▼保留混凝土、钢结构、夹板原貌,preserve the original appearance of the concrete, steel and plywood

▼收口直白,外形直接表达构造之美,the touch-up details are showed directly expressing the beauty of the structure

▼夜景,night view

▼建筑通风分析,building airflow analysis

▼建筑采光分析,building sunlight analysis

▼建筑拆解分析,building exploded analysis


Project name: Edgelab Studio
Design: Edgelab Studio
Website: www.edgelab.net.cn
Contact e-mail: 1340436359@qq.com
Design year:04/2018-06/2018
Completion Year:07/2018-10/2018
Design: Zhiwu Huang/Gangrong He
Team: Wenlang Liang/Jiahao Feng
Project location: No.9, Jiadeshang Apartment, No.13 Jiangliang Road, Daliang,Shunde,Foshan, Guangdong, China
Gross Built Area: 200m²
Photo credits: Zuoxiaobei (Enwan photography)
Clients: Edgelab Studio

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