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设计师为位于爱丁堡的Eden Locke酒店进行了室内设计,该酒店拥有72个房间,底层拥有一个咖啡屋和一个酒吧。整个项目如同一次室内改造和对现存复杂结构的装配。设计师就是在一栋18世纪乔治亚官邸与20世纪风格扩建建筑之间改造了这座酒店。该建筑作为类型学的经典案例,它覆盖在Craigsleith Quarry Ashlar下,并在一个板岩屋顶下排成天窗。乔治亚文化并没有给建筑留下过多的装饰,但对设计师来说,这种文化下所形成的建筑形式,其采光和空间比例规划是独一无二的。

Eden Locke is a 72 room hotel with a cafe and bar on the ground floor that we designed in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. The project was a complete gut renovation and comprehensive fit out of an existing hybridized structure. We took an 18th Century Georgian mansion and its 20th Century extension down to their respective bones and created the hotel from there.  Our building is a classic example of the typology, sheathed in Craigsleith Quarry Ashlar and topped in a row of dormers under a slate roof. While the Georgians didn’t offer much in the vein of variation or embellishment, the beauty of the light and the proportional balance in their spaces are, to us, second to none. 

▼酒店入口咖啡厅,the entrance bar


With a dash of reverence we sought to embellish the building in our own way, and from the inside out. We celebrated the existing heritage details, in particular the fenestration and their surrounds. We amplified the visual warmth of the long Scottish light with an approach that leaned towards the sophisticatedly tropical. Our intention was that the tension between the severe and stony building fabric and the verdant interior would foster measured incongruity where one exalts the other. 

▼公共空间改造图,principle of public space

▼绿色为空间主色调,green as the main color



We also designed much of the furniture and all of the joinery and employed bent wood, cane, wicker and terra cotta in equal measure with brass, stone, cementitious cladding and steel, all of which sits amongst ample vegetation. At the thresholds into the building we paid special attention as to how to architecturally transition between both the spaces and the eras. Glazed fanlights and wrought iron are framed by glass, timber and stone vestibules. Vignettes of the space within are shown to the street and the exterior ashlar and interior elevations form a studied composition on the facade.

▼空间内多采用藤条为设计元素,rattan as materials

▼铜制的吊顶让空间氛围更加现代化,the brass lamps on the ceiling are modern

▼简单素雅的装饰设计,the simply but elegant design



We manipulated the building sectionally so that rooms spanned both the generous Georgian volume and the tighter spaces of the 20th century addition, yielding some dynamic spaces. We capitalized on the larger period fenestration and lofty ceilings in the public areas of the rooms while beds and circulation sit in the more intimate areas of the hybrid spaces. We created internal stairs that encircle a central bathroom and kitchen core while a bespoke wardrobe doubles as a balustrade within rooms where the height changes.

▼房间改造图,the principle of rooms

▼客房采用明亮的色彩,bright colors in the bedroom

▼楼梯环绕的中心区域为洗手间,the interior stairs surrounds the bathroom

▼定制的衣橱成为空间中的隔断,the customized wardrobe act as partition


Throughout the building we crafted a palette of warm materials and textures, powdery tones and soft lighting that make the most of the inimitably breathtaking natural light in Scotland. While we were deferential to the heritage and beauty of both historic George Street and our building, our intervention has a decidedly bold perspective all its own. We hope it becomes as much of an asset to its environment as that context has been invaluable for us.

▼卧室享受充足的自然光,letting in the natural light




LOCATION: Edinburgh, UK
YEAR: 2017
ARCHITECTS: Grzywinski + Pons
AREA: 3400 square meters
PHOTO CREDITS: Nicholas Worley

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