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由Mathías Goeritz于 1952年设计的实验博物馆“El Eco”是墨西哥20世纪的标志性建筑之一。2005年,墨西哥国立自治大学(UNAM)对建筑进行了修复,并于2006年公开招标,希望建造一栋附楼来承担服务功能。LAR +FRENTE 建筑事务所在竞赛中脱颖而出,在他们的方案中,新楼与原结构融合为一体,使得“El Eco” 博物馆整体建筑变得更加宏伟。出于对原有建筑的尊重,新建部分的整体风格上于其相统一,但同时利落的空间处理方式让其不失现代简约的特征。“L”型建筑体量的前后各有一个梯形天井空间,外侧临街的场地成为了建筑入口,而后侧的场地则更为私密。建筑的首层由多功能活动室,工作坊以及储物间组成。二层则为办公室,餐厅和盥洗室。

▽ 建筑体量生成,architecture digram

▽ “L”型建筑体量,前方的梯形空间作为入口使用,the “L” shape building with the main trapezoidal patio as entrance

▽ 后侧的梯形天井则更为私密,the second trapezoidal patio creating a more intimate atmosphere

▽天井与多功能活动室, trapezoidal patio and the multiple activities room


The experimental museum “El Eco”, developed by Mathías Goeritz in 1952, is one of the most significant and emblematic buildings of twentieth century in Mexico. In 2005 the museum was restored by the UNAM, and in 2006 a contest was called for an annex building to contain its complementary services.

The winning proposal designed by LAR + FRENTE arqutiectura, is a careful exercise of integration with the original construction and dignifies “El Eco” Museum. The project is notable for its discreet and respectful attitude towards the existing building while retaining a contemporary character. The “L” shape building is situated between two trapezoidal patios. The main one opens to the street generating the entrance; the second one is located at the back of the plot creating a more intimate atmosphere. The ground floor has a multiple activities room, workshop and storage room. The upper floor has offices, dinning room and washroom.

▽ 二层办公空间,office


▽ 楼梯空间,staircase

▽ 模型,model

▽ 总平面图, site plan

▽ 平面图,plan

▽ 剖面图,section

▽ 立面图,elevation

Name of the Project:“El Eco” Experimental Museum Annex
Typology:Cultural – Public
Location:México City
Constructed Area:Site surface: 182 sqm/Constructed area: 329 sqm
Client: UNAM
Design Year: 2006
Construction Year: 2007
Office name: LAR + FRENTE arquitectura
Architectural Design: Fernando Romero + Juan Pablo Maza
Project Team: Gonzalo Elizarraras, David Ortega, Estefanía Hoth, Karla Aragón, Miriam Gutierrez, Mariel de la Torre, Dolores Robles, Eduardo Sosa, Luis Fuentes, Luis Flores, Gerardo Galicia, Ana Medina, Abril Tovar, Diego Jasso, Santiago Trejo, Edgar Rodríguez, Omar Félix, Susana Hernández.
Photographs: Alvaro Capistrán/Fidel Ugarte/Jorge Silva/Juan Carlos Polanco

Drawings: FRENTE arqutiectura
English Text: FRENTE arqutiectura
Chinese Text: gooood

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