ECLIPSE RUG COLLECTION by Henny van Nistelrooy

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Gallery All is pleased to present Henny van Nistelrooy’s Eclipse Rug collection. Inspired by the solar and lunar eclipse, the design creates an eclipse of two rugs seemingly overlapping each other made in three different shapes and colors. Each piece is an eclipse in a different stage of being, representing from early losses to total eclipse. The collection together represents the gradual happening of one full eclipse.

▼三款不同形状和颜色的“蚀”地毯,eclipse rugs in three different shapes and colors


The earliest records of a solar and lunar eclipse in ancient Chinese history date from 2165 – 1137 BC. The Moon is a symbol in Chinese philosophy and arts rather than simply a planet in traditional Chinese culture. From ancient myth Chang’e to Poets from Tang & Song dynasty, the Sun and the Moon together become a pair symbol of Yin & Yang philosophy.

▼重叠的地毯代表一次全蚀,the collection together represents the gradual happening of one full eclipse


The products are handmade in Nepal by skilled craftsmen over a time period of four months. Through a process of spinning yarn from Nepalese wool, dying the fibers, and hand-knotting, the rugs are slowly made to high-quality interior products.

▼产品细部,pieces detailed view


The Symbol Meaning of the Color


The blue one represents the moon; one circle slides over the other that makes 1/3 eclipse


The orange one represents the sun; one square slides over another that makes 1/2 eclipse


The green one represents the earth; one rectangle overlaps another that makes a full eclipse


Coming from the Netherlands and working for over five years in China, Nisterlrooy blends Chinese culture and a North European design sensibility.

▼其它款式和色彩,other series and colors

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