DZNE German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Bonn by wulf architekten

a green medical center in the forest

Project Specs


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The new building for the DZNE, where the similarities and differences of various brain diseases are studied, is located on the southern edge of University Hospital’s Venusberg Campus in Bonn. With a usable floor area of approximately 16,000 m2, the DZNE provides optimal scientific conditions for an international team of more than 500 employees and visiting researchers.

▼建筑正立面,front view © Steffen Vogt


The building volume is split into three distinctive, organically shaped individual buildings. These form a coherent ensemble with extensive intervening outdoor spaces. The three-part division corresponds exactly to the internal functions: the entrance building with all the general facilities – which include an auditorium, a cafeteria, a library, and the clinical research department; the central research building with all the laboratory facilities and offices; and the preclinical institute. The three buildings are joined by hinges that can be used as meeting points.

▼三个流线型的建筑单体与周围环境和谐的融为一体,three distinctive, organically shaped individual buildings forming a coherent ensemble with outdoor space © DZNE/Laubner


The site’s defining element is a pine forest. Despite enclosing a considerable amount of space, the buildings are successfully integrated within the forest by virtue of their forms and the design of their facades. Even though the workplaces are up to 17 meters away from the facade, the building’s forest setting can be felt everywhere. This feeling is underscored by the striking facade of glass fins, which draws attention to the forest, reflects it inward as well as outward, and takes on the colors of its foliage as they change with the seasons.

▼建筑的形式及立面设计来自于对森林的回应,the forms and the facade design respond to the forest in the context © Steffen Vogt

▼竖向玻璃肋呈现出如随季节变幻的树叶般缤纷的色彩,the glass fin takes on of the foliage as they change with the seasons © Steffen Vogt


With their flowing contours, the three-story buildings reinforce the impression of openness and transparency and emphasize the special status of the DZNE as the culmination of the University Hospital campus. Whereas the ensemble opens out toward the forest to the south and east, the entrance building at the north establishes a clear presence and a distinctive point of arrival for the DZNE. Upon entering the building through the main entrance, you immediately perceive the forest – an impression that is particularly impressive because a thirty-meter-deep, four-story-high entrance hall lies in between. Inside and outside enter into a surprisingly strong dialogue.

▼森林的色彩延伸至室内,带来活泼的氛围,the color of the forest extends into the interior space, bringing dynamic atmosphere © Steffen Vogt

▼实验室点缀着金黄树叶一般的颜色,the laboratory area with color palette inspired from the yellow leaves © Steffen Vogt

▼享有森林景色的会议室,meeting room with view of the forest © Steffen Vogt

▼餐厅,canteen © Steffen Vogt


▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan

▼三层平面图,third floor plan

▼实验室平面大样图,laboratory detail plan


The photo credit (unless otherwise specified): © Steffen Vogt for wulf architekten

And for the aerial photo: © DZNE/Laubner

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