Dushan Leisure Center, China by DnA_Design and Architecture

The new gateway to Songyang

Project Specs


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Dushan Mountain is the most iconic landmark in the region, and the gateway to Songyang County and its urban center.

▼鸟瞰,aerial view ©王子凌


▼轴测图,axonometric drawing ©DnA建筑事务所

The new leisure center is located at the triangular wetland at the foot of Dushan Mountain adjacent to the Songyin River, the mother river of Songyang County. It is also one of the key tourism projects of the Songyin River Scenic District Development, including a visitor center, water sports facilities, and a gym for water sports athletes.

▼独山脚下的三角形湿地,aerial view to the triangular wetland at the foot of Dushan Mountain ©王子凌

▼驿站远景,a distant view to the Leisure Center ©王子凌



▼总平面图,master plan ©DnA建筑事务所

▼螺旋形体量,the spiral volumes ©Handan

We take this project as the first meeting point of local residents and tourists in the county by considering the entire triangular harbor as a water park shared by both tourists and local communities. The architectural programs are organized through a spiral with the visitor facilities at the center and a gym at the far end, connected by an east-west walkway as a shortcut. A “C” shape dike connects to the Songyin River will also become the passage for pedestrians, bicycles and tourism electric shuttles. The overall configuration provides an undulating walkway for above the harbor, with constantly changing views of the Mountain & Water.

▼独山驿站将成为当地居民与外来游客的交集场所,the project was designed as the first meeting point of local residents and tourists in the county ©王子凌

▼从湿地望向建筑,view from the wetland ©王子凌

▼东西方向的直线廊道贯穿螺旋体量,an east-west walkway goes through the spiral volume as a shortcut ©王子凌

▼户外游廊,outdoor walkway ©王子凌


▼轴测示意图,axonometric drawing ©DnA建筑事务所

The project adopts timber structure as natural material, low-carbon construction, and traditional special quality. Glass curtain walls with different gradient of translucency bring subtle shift on building façades as misty surfaces on the water. Layers of indoor and outdoor space create interplay of views, like the traditional Chinese landscape garden.

▼螺旋形成的弧型空间导引使用者进入,the spiral space invites the users to explore the building ©王子凌

▼室内廊道,internal corridor ©王子凌

螺旋中心上升到二层的多功能圆形空间,通过屋顶的孔状开口, 不同时间可以在地面上形成不同的光斑。以黄铜片标注的二十四节气各个时辰的光斑位置,成为这个圆形空间的时间装置,和周边景观共同构成自然与时间的对话。

The meditation room on second floor is also a multi-function room. The opening on the roof casts the trace of sun on the floor with bronze plates of different hours in the Chinese 24 solar terms, creating a dialogue with the nature and time.

▼冥想大厅,meditation hall ©王子凌

▼茶室和活动空间,tea room and activity area ©王子凌

▼器械健身室,training room ©王子凌

▼座位空间,seating area ©王子凌

▼走廊,corridor ©王子凌

▼体量间的景观,landscape in between ©王子凌

▼屋顶平台,roof deck ©王子凌

▼开阔的窗景,the panoramic window ©王子凌

▼傍晚的独山驿站,Dushan Leisure Center in the evening ©王子凌

▼一层平面图,first floor plan ©DnA建筑事务所

▼二层平面图,second floor plan ©DnA建筑事务所

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan ©DnA建筑事务所

▼立面图,elevations ©DnA建筑事务所

▼剖面图,section ©DnA建筑事务所

▼日照分析,sun path analysis ©DnA建筑事务所

▼结构细部,construction detail ©DnA建筑事务所

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