Dragon Boat Museum, Shunde, China by Li Xiaodong Atelier

The “dragon boat” embraced by picturesque lake and mountains

Project Specs


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The project site lies within the Shunfeng mountain park, embraced by picturesque lake and mountains.

▼在交相辉映的湖光山色中若隐若现的博物馆,the museum embraced by picturesque lake and mountains © 樊榮(Rong Fan)


▼博物馆结构,建筑共两层,主体为钢结构,the structure, using steel as main structure for the two-storey building

To celebrate the tradition of dragon boat festival of the place, the architect has laid the primary volume of the museum above the lake, intending to create a poetic sense to bring human, architecture and nature together. Using steel as main structure for the two-storey building, the museum is in 50 meters long and 13 meters wide. Though with strong and masculine language expressed by the steel structure resembling the energy of dragon boat race, the curvy veranda and façade has instilled elegance and serenity into the architecture and bring perfect harmony to the place.

▼博物馆俯视图,建筑主体为折线体块,外廊露台与外挂灰色细钢索则形成弧线的外观形体,top view of the museum with the curvy veranda and façade © 朱楸成(Qiucheng Zhu)

外挂钢索处设有种植土槽,待藤蔓植物长成,建筑将消隐于一片绿影绰约之中。整体浇筑素混凝土的台阶与坡道将建筑与湖边道路场地铺装融为一体,将游人引入。 拾级而上,高处的台阶切换为耐磨耐腐蚀、颜色饱和度低的生态木地板,分别与二层外廊与屋顶露台相接。灯条等设施藏于台阶踢面下的凹槽内以及坡道两侧内嵌的造型中,充分营造自然的光照氛围。

The building façade is covered with steel cables connected to the planting troughs on top. This allows the vines to grow along the cables and eventually disguise the building in shades of green, intriguing passersby to discover the building. The concrete steps and ramps are linked with the existing circulation of the lake which bring visitors to the building and the deck. The changing of material to durable WPC in low saturated colour marks the transition to the higher-level spaces. Furthermore, lighting features are hidden from sight, such as behind the staircase panel and grooves along the ramps, to optimize the natural lighting atmosphere.

▼博物馆鸟瞰图,整体浇筑素混凝土的台阶与坡道将建筑与湖边道路场地铺装融为一体,bird-eye’s view of the museum, the concrete steps and ramps are linked with the existing circulation of the lake © 李勉(Mian Li)


The first floor of the museum is divided into a part that lies along the bank while another sitting on the lake. The platform along the bank is mainly finished with perforated steel panels that allows the plants to grow through, letting people feel the intimacy with the water body and the nature. Moving to the platform on the lake, both ends of the platform are connected with long timber planks right above the water to dock the dragon boats, diminishing the lines into the lake gracefully.

▼博物馆首层,平台两端设有长长的木栈道,the first floor of the museum, both ends of the platform are connected with long timber planks © 周玉燕(Yuyan Zhou)

▼博物馆首层,栈道贴近水面,分别往两个方向延伸,悠长舒展,the first floor of the museum, the long timber planks right above the water diminish the lines into the lake gracefully © 梁文姬(Wenji Liang)


The spacious second floor of the building serves as the main functional space of the museum. In this room, there is a glass elevator that captures the scenic view of the surroundings. The space has timber strip ceiling and is connected to first floor and water platform with an external steel staircase as well. The middle part of the interior spaces is finished with Bolon carpet while the other parts that touch the wall are in walkable glass finish. Besides, modularized curtain walls are installed along the building elevations too. With this design, the visitors could enjoy the panoramic lake and mountain sceneries and the activities that happen below the building simultaneously.

▼博物馆二层室内,设有通透光洁的玻璃楼板,可以充分欣赏脚下穿梭的龙舟,interior view of the second floor of the museum with walkable glass finish, providing the view of the activities that happen below the building © 李勉(Mian Li)

▼总平面图,site plan

▼一层平面图,1F plan

▼二层平面图,2F plan

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan

▼剖面图A-A,section A-A

▼剖面图B-B,section B-B


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